Zelda & the Evil Underground Sorcerer (Fairy Tale)

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Part I of the tale of the Princess finding her way through the snowy forest into the underground Sorcerer's realm and the awakening and coming of the Great Elfin Magician to scourge the evil forces of the underground realm of Aporune to reclaim the sealed hidden Tri-Crystals of Power.
Part II
Evil magician Wharfax hides the twelve golden crystals of power sealing them away in hidden dungeons deep within caverns. He captures the Elfe princess enslaving her away in realm unknown to all save the Grand Wizard Elfe in the floating fortress who with the help of the Wise Men must revive the Great Elfe Magician frozen in a magic crystal to battle the horrors of Wharfax and find and recover the crystals in an underground Cavern realm named Aporune.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



    Part I 

Once upon a time there resided in a great gruesome forest upon which the darkness never ended an evil sorcerer which no one knew the name of.  His underground palace was not visible from the darkness of the forest.  Two dragoon dwarves would occasionally guard near the foaming waterfall that hid the cleft in the rock upon which the door to his underground lair led.  Fairies, gnomes, dwarves and elves would sometimes travel in the great forest yet no one neared this forbidden area.  There were evil foaming springs in this forest that had red shells of darkened hues floating within.  One could blow these red shells to call for the fairies' help if they were lost within the forest however whichever way one reached in the foaming waters to reach a shell their fingers could never grasp upon it.  The sorcerer had laid an evil spell upon this spring that the shells always be visible yet one could never touch.  Sprites also resided in this forest but their ethereal bodies of shimmering light were never visible for long before disappearing into obscurity.  Evil sounds and vile black markings and symbols were etched into the limestone near the waterfall which foretold of an evil witch that haunted the woods here as well.  She was friends with the sorcerer some would say in legends and tales.  The evil forest was forbidden.

However one day a princess left the castle grounds and strayed too far off the wayward path and into the forbidden forest.  She followed a path through small caves and around foaming waterfalls to find herself finally hopelessly lost.  Whether she turned was darkness almost absolute and owls and other strange creatures she would see faintly moving within the darkness.  Following the path over a natural limestone bridge with a glowing waterfall behind her she began to notice a soft pink snow falling in the wood.  Fairies shimmering with sparkling incandescence moved softly throughout the air as she neared a great cleft in the limestone over which a foaming cascade rushed deep down into the darkness of a great cavern below.  Her breath was taken away as drizzling spray came up in the air to meet her as she hopped over the cascade and into a dark grotto beyond.  Here was a strange area with all stalactites and stalagmites with pink snow covering the area in mounds.  A most strange smell was in the air and she noticed strange red bones in the foaming waters of the small pools in the area.  She trudged through a mound of snow and saw a strange red lamp set in the rock here casting a faint glow.  An overturned mine cart was visible in the darkness near the lamp shimmering in the darkness.  Another small waterfall was visible here and she walked to the right of it and there hidden in the darkness was a small crude door in the limestone wall.  An evil symbol was etched into the stone of the door and her eyes widened as she observed it.  Her mind was all curious and full of questions as she placed her ear to the door.  Far away in the distance she thought she heard some unknown sounds and something as if an elder woman was cackling yet she wasnt quite sure.  There was visible a small keyhole in the door and try as she might the door wouldnt budge.  She backed away slowly from the door as she heard a faint tinkling noise in the darkness of the grotto.  Behind the waterfall here she caught a slight glimpse of a dark and lustre object sparkling in the waters.  Hopping through the waterfall she saw a small enclosed area with a treasure chest enlaid with gold and bright sparkling red jewels.  She reached the chest and threw it open revealing a most strange red key.  Knowing this to be the key which would open the forbidden door in the grotto she once more jumped through the waterfall and neared the stone door again.  Placing the key into the keyhole she slowly opened the door.

She found herself in a most loathsome and vile hall with strange red glowing lamps as a set of stone steps led downwards.  The walls were all crooked angles and stalagmites hung from the ceiling.  The roar from the waterfall in the grotto outside the door filled her mind as she slowly closed the stone door.  She once more turned to the stone steps and followed the way downwards.  Many statues with palms of gold were inlaid into the cleft of the stone in the walls of the stone stairs.  Crude pictures upon hegs and odd shelves in the wall with glowing orbs were also visible as she continued.  A most evil and ominous sounding music also began to play in her head as the shapes of the statues became more grotesque with horrid faces and most displeasant stances of macabre shape and stature.  Vile scenes of perversion were plain to see in the statues and she hid her face from this as she continued.  The ground began to shake slightly as the red lamps in the wall grew very faint and she finally reached the bottom stair.

All before her was dark with a shimmering essence in the air.  She stepped off the bottom stair into a strange substance upon the floor which was not visible to her as it was so dark.  One very faint lone lamp was set in the limestone of a wall far off and she found she was in an underground hallway.  One side of the hall was covered in crude stone doors in the same fashion as the one before and the other side of the hall was covered in a black curtain.  Moving the black curtain she found a small enclosed pool of water with a stalactite trickling water into the pool.  However behind the dripping stalactite she could see another strange red hue and mine carts with a rail leading off into the distance of a darkened cavern.  Closing the black curtain she moved faintly towards the door with the lamp set therein.  Supposing the key to open these doors as well she tried the red key in the keyhole and slowly opened the door.  At first the darkness of the vault was so complete her eyes could not adjust however when they did she saw a creature most vile and loathsome with five heads as of a demon with many talons and a body as of a great dragon.  In its clutches were dead bodies of all manner of creature.  Blood trickled down its vilesome sharp fangs and fell in pools as it gnawed upon the bones.  In the corner of the vault lay a shimmering treasure chest all inlaid with gold.  The bones of a dwarf mandragora guard lay heaped near the chest.  The great creature swung its three tails at the princess spewing fire which crashed into the lamp near her causing a great heap of stones and ash to fall.  Quickly she shut the door with such a fright that the door became lodged and would never open again.  She tried to find her way back to the stone stair from which she had made her way yet the stone stairs had disappeared.  Only a limestone wall was visible now.  It was the work of the evil sorcerer and witch into whose lair she had come.  Straightaway out of fear she tried the key in each successive door yet none of them fit.  Out of anguish she cried aloud and pulled away the curtain again revealing the stalactite pool and the strange mine cart cavern beyond.  She swam through the foaming pool and behind the tiny waterfall into the cavern beyond.

Here the cavern narrowed and an odd globe set in a cleft in the rock was visible illuminating an old minecart next to a most evil structure.  A strange pyrimidal structure was visible here with symbols etched into the rock.  She didnt see anywhere else to go so she climbed into the minecart and pushed the lever next to it.  The minecart slowly kiltered along the tracks going rather slower than she expected.  The cart began going over sharp curves and over hills.  Waterfalls gushing from sparkling dark realms above her foamed and cascading to the right and left of the tracks of the minecart creating a roaring sound most loud to hear.  As it rounded into a narrower part of the cavern she found she was going not so fast as before and could look plainly round her.  Here in the limestone clefts behind the waterfalls she could see most strange gnomes and elder blue-bearded dwarves mining in clumps of ore deep in the darkness.  Their strange pyrimidal homes were visible built into the limestone rock in these smaller clefts of rock.  One dwarf with green goggles round its brow lifted them and waved at her.  She only gazed in reply as she began to glimpse glowing crystals in the limestone as the cavern began to narrow as the cart raced forward.  Suddenly all became unpleasantly dark as the minecart smashed against a stone which ended the ride.  Stepping out of the cart she found she was on a glowing red ground and in the distance viewed a wooden dwarf glider with an outpost.  She cautiously neared this and found that a dwarf sentry was not present.  A great waterfall covered what was visible beyond this outpost here and try as she might she could not get a glimpse beyond the roaring foam and spray of the falls.  Turning her attention to the glider she climbed aboard and found that it was rather very simple to maneuver the controls.  Once she turned on the switch toward the bottom the glider promptly accelerated and glided through the waterfall completely soaking the princess.  Soaring through a great underground cavern she glimpsed around her great grottoes with waterfalls sparkling in ethereal radiance.  Strange shapes of stalagmites and stalactites were visible throughout and she marveled at the seashells and pearls floating in the soft foam of the waterfalls below.  Many hours passed in this manner and once she flew into a darkened grotto which the roar of which was so deafening that she had to hold her ears for want of relief.  Once she thought she saw a great seven headed dragon sleeping near a great mound of gold near a foaming waterfall in the shimmering darkness but could not be sure.  Once more an hour after this far above the limestone bridges in the cleft of the caverns she saw dwarven and gnome homes with the creatures mining ore deep set in the rocks.  Great billows of smoke were visible as well as she saw dwarf sentries riding great red dragons with majestic golden swords flaming in their hands.  These were the work of dwarven smiths deep in the recesses of the blacksmith's lair.  She finally saw a strange door wrought with many elegant symbols carven into the limestone above.  Two pink lights glowed in lamps set on each side therein.  As the cavern didnt go any further at this point she landed the glider near this great door and stepped out onto the ridge of limestone.  

Outside the gate she found great heaps of bones from ancient creatures long dead.  Whether the creatures were dragons or mandragoras once could never be sure.  Gruesome tongues ripped out and great feathers covered in a black substance were also visible in the mounds of bones.  A great wyvern vicious and wicked in nature flapped above her in the darkness as it swirled and flew up into a dark hole above.  The great door was locked tight and evidence of keyhole there was none.  Stepping to the side she saw a strange door in the limestone wall.  Upon opening this she found herself in a small room that resembled a grotto.  Small waterfalls covered the walls on each side flowing under the rock into openings below.  In the middle of the stone lair lay a vorpal portal engraved within the stone.  This was the portal that led to the realm of the evil sorcerer.



Deeply glowing waterfalls sparkled with shimmering effervescence as red bones of a long dead cavern fairy lay beneath the foaming pools of rich mineral spring water.  Glowing orbs of sparkling radiance glide softly through drizzling spray and foam of the waterfalls as they drop pink honeyed liquid of softened dew upon the limestone rocks falling into the foam of the water.  Ethereal radiance filled the air with lustrous healing properties as a sugary, glowing dew splashed upon the limestone rocks overhanging the glowing foam of the water.  Dew drops into honeyed mounds upon the pink snow here as a hidden fairy spring resides behind the glowing foam of the waterfalls deep in the grottos of the caverns beyond.  Softly falling snow of a pink hue falls upon the gigantic boughs of pine trees overshadowing a midnight dark grotto of lustrous radiance.  Stalagmites with softly flowing waters fall gently into the splashing foam as the spirit of a red dwarf fairy exudes soft dew and sugary pink spheres of shimmering light as the bones and sparkles float gently into the healing springs of water.  The Tiesebar life essence of the dwarven fairy has passed into the darkened nether realms of existence where dark forms of nebulae exist gleaming and shimmering in the warm darkness of the stars of the universe.  

A lustrous and magnanimous cavern exists behind the glowing foam of a waterfall deep in the recesses of an underground mountain named Vulpaw in the world of oceanic snowy islands of Eiosaquille.  Softly caressing richness of dazzling mermaids with restoration abilities in healing properties reside in the grottoes of this cavern world.  One such radiant creature made their journey deep into the grottoes of healing to meet the Elder Queen Mermaid of whose splashing pink grottoes give peace, quiet harmony and warming beauty to those seeking fulfillment.   Glowing ocean waves with frothing minerals splash upon the glowing limestone rocks here as dwarven fairies shimmer amongst the darkened portions of the overhanging pine forests which reside deep in the mounds of gleaming pink snow.  A natural limestone bridge behind the cascading waters of a most magnificent waterfall in the darkened recesses of a most almighty grotto hide the cavern homes of a hidden race of ancient creatures called Zylanii.  Small in stature with high-pointed ears as crystal green goggles are ever present upon their brow they are dark-skinned beings whom dig for precious gems and metals within the underground cavern world.  Reddish hues of billowing fragrant smoke can be found within the overhang of glowing limestone where the shadows of their gleaming bodies can be seen smithing ore of many hues into bars for craft.  Foaming fairy springs waft drizzling healing rain which sprays upon the sweaty brows of the smithers sending shimmering love essences of enthralling dew which swathes their being.  At rest they submerge beneath the foaming fairy springs with lovely shells and pearls splashing upon the surface to find red bones of nether fairies beneath the pools of water.  To collect a red fairy bone is of high nature to these beings as they praise them upon their temple altars locked deep beneath their treasury halls.  Zylanii crafters produce many grand and lustrous crystals wrought of many fine metals beaten in shapes lovely and most beautiful to behold.  Hidden deep in the darkness where foaming waterfalls poured for unknown time through unnameable caverns endless to man stood their treasure halls glistening forth.  Seven headed flying mandragora dragons guarded sparkling chests bejeweled in these darkest corners of the grottoes where dark fairies flew through waterfalls and into the decadent temples of the unknown races which dwelled here unbeknownst.  A most zealous temple was hidden in the darkest corners here and it was terrible to behold with a facade of phantasmic horror ever present.  An Elder Being haunted this forsaken corner of the nethermost reaches of the underground fairy springs.  A most vile and disdainful creature splashed within the lapping pools of water here as blood and foam spurted from its vicious fangs dropping terribly into the splashing below.  A creature with two-twinned tails spinned from the columns of the body which is shaped horribly like a dragons as the upper half of the body resembled a grotesque elfin form with bloody face and spiked ears of which no sound was disregarded.  Long claws upon the arms of the creature tore at the clefts of the mountain as it lowered its body to sleep near a foaming cascade near the Tower of Aporune.  Dread and majesty resided within the creature as foaming cascades showered its essence over its being in a beautiful sadness most grusome and dire to behold.  Darkening mist floated among the shimmering darkness here as jeweled chests of rare wrought treasures of ancient times past lay forever lost among the glowing crystals of forbidden grottoes.

Icy mounds of ethereal soft blue snow rest upon a the boughs of a tree overhanging a low pyrimidal structure home to a blue ice dwarf.  Pink glowing vorpal portals sparkle in dark lustre as a soft snow falls on a natural limestone bridge as a softly foaming waterfall cascades nearby.  Above stalactites drip oozing pink snow upon the fokldaming cascades below as the ice dwarf gathers his sugary glowing pink crystals to begin his journey to the Elder's realms deep in the darkness of the cavern world below.  Glowing fairies of opaque and pink hues sparkle with shimmering sparkles of luminary incandesence as they bestow healing properties of restoration and vitality upon the dwarves being.  Their blue shimmers of light rest softly upon the dwarves blue beard as showering waterfalls drizzle a soft rain of healing within the air. The low hanging pink hued snow hangs low upon the eaves of the pine trees as the sap runs softly down the exterior while the dwarf softly rubs the honeyed sap upon his brow.  Stooping and trudging softly through the mounds of snow he calmly makes his way to the entrance to the cavern behind the elder's forbidden waterfall.  Foaming springs of pink glowing water reside here and shells of red hue float beneath the foam.  He marvels at the many hues within the springs properties and places his hand calmly within the foam.  This bestows healing properties and energy restoration to the aura.  The shimmering crystals within the limestone near the foaming waterfall glow in ethereal radiance as the dwarf imparts his magical incantations upon them to restore the energies to their prospecting bodies of light.  Near a farther corner of the grotto lay mounds of pink snow with a vorpal portal visible near a strange low hanging structure below the outcropping of another waterfall covering the entrance to a cavern.  The most magnificent and beautiful scent is floating upon the shimmering incandescence of the air of this grotto.  A dark fairy shimmers near a statue of an elder covered in pink snow with the palms of the statue golden stained and casts a spell upon the snow turning it a red hue as it fades into ethereal obscurity.  Left in its wake is a fairy orb, rare in nature, which allows it possessor to make its shape any thereupon it desires.  The dwarf placed its green goggles upon its brow as it trudged through a mound of pink shimmering snow to retrieve the orb.  A strange substance was found exuding from the area near the orb as he placed it within his leathern pack upon his back.

Upon the ice dwarf turning his attention back towards the foaming cascade he caught glimpses of gorgeous xynfura rabbits hopping softly through the pink snow near the foaming waters only to disappear deep behind the recesses of a dark grotto.  Emerging from another low pyrimidal structure situated in a limestone cleft above a cascading waterfall was an old dwarf with an icebar crafting sphere upon its back.  Covering the whole of his brow and face was a dark veil which made the face unrecognizable.  He stooped lowly to collect numerous icebars which were stacked near a mound of snow and disappeared trudging through the snow into a darkened cave entrance which was nearby.  Faintly the dwarf could see strange encryptions and vile black markings burned into the limestone above a crude door in the limestone in a hidden vicinity of the grotto.  Gruesome black figures wrought of strange substances hung within the shimmering darkness of an elder's grotto above the foam and splash of the waters.  Nearing the forbidden door he softly moved a snow mound from before the door and placed his ear upon it.  An ominously disgusting and evil sound was heard very far away within and he thought he could hear a most vile cackling.  The dwarf had heard stories of underground Elder witches residing in grotto caverns however hitherto had never encountered one such as they.  Grusome and disdainful wrought statues were visible before the structure and blood fell in pools from the statues to disappear in the essences of the waters.

Far away within the upper surfaces of the cavern world of Eiosaquille dwell forest fairy and elfin creatures.  Deep within the recesses of a dark snowy pine forest behind a waterfall stood the underground cavern town of Eylis.  Elfin creatures reside in the hidden glowing limestone caves as their crude temples and citadels are present carved out of the rock.  A fountain of glowing naptha in the center of the town sprays its reddish hue in the misty air beneath stalagmites as glowing lanterns gleam from the corners of the town.  Elder elfin grandfathers with long beard and pointed ears walk with staffs of bright light as they saunter over the limestone bridges behind the foaming waterfalls into the citadel beyond which leads to the Fortress of Eylis.  Their cloaks trail their long garment upon the ground as their staves of light give direction and guidance to the spraying foam that trails down stalagmites into the cascading cave rivers below.  A citadel with glass-stained windows was visible in the carven rock of one such pyramidal structure with a Styx statue present nearby casting its dreaded eyes upon the creatures in silence as they entered thereupon.  A crimson hued ring endowed with magical properties of ancient runes was kept hidden in a great chest behind a dark shimmering pool of water within the citadel.  The elderly pointed ear Elfe Magistrate guarded the great hall as glass-candles with bright shimmering hue stood in the walls.  Darkened pews with rich tapestry fronted the great stoned altar of which stood many statues of ancient revered elder kings, magistrates and guides.  The elder creatures entered with the elves and sat thereupon the twelve thrones of power.  Their majestic bodies of shimmering hue rested with grace as their wings were subdued with a glowing salve made from the blood of the great Fairy Queens who reside in the hidden underground fairy temples.  The elders rest upon the each throne as dark crimson crystals shimmer in the darkened portions of the citadel.  The Grand Elfe Magistrate begins his subordinate speech on the fears of the Elfin people against the wrath of the wicked evil of the dark dwarves and the King Gorgon that reside in the Tower of Aporune in the nethermost forbidden caverns guarded by the most terrible Great Tree of Aporune.  Of what vile and gruesome wickedness is done within the confines of the dark dwarves and gorgon's realm none know thereof.  In the darkness vicious bones of hideous splendour rest in the sorcerer's realm near the gnomic cavern grottos of Forepax.  Most troubling as well is the wrath of the many mandragoras hidden within the vorpal portals in these environs none of which know the hideousness to behold their face and body.  Beyond conception is their disgusting form and stature with splattered blood dried in clots upon their vicious fangs.  Their cries of bloodied horror are not to be described in earthly nature.  Then the Elfe Magistrate describes the tale of Great Meteorite of which originated from the sparkling, shimmering depths of the many coloured nebulae and stars deep in the far recesses of the universe.  The Great Meteorite struck the oceanic depths plunging all in darkness and black smoke for a time.  In this age dark dragoons far out in the ocean near the unknown islands raised from the depths and with their horrific seven heads wreaked a phantasmic hell of vicious entropy upon the limestone clefts scourging all within their eye's view before disappearing with their three-tails and evil pointed ears deep into the recesses of a great unknown cavern never to be seen again save only in legend.  At the onslaught of the meteorite the snowy forests fled with elfe, dwarfe and fairy creature deep into the grottoes and caverns.  A great floating city was erected in the sky by the Great Magistrate of the King of the Elfin race to make a vow to those surviving the atrocities of the meteorite that never again would such a time of fearful disdain again come to claim the lives of those remaining.  However, after many years innumerable arose into being many such unbeknownst creatures such as the Dark Dwarves, Fairinic race of cavern beings, Gorgons among many others most terrible and vile to behold.  Their evil presences and dark aether of unknown essence are hidden deep in the underground fortresses of Aporune among countless dark caverns and grottoes of unknown splendorous evil.  For in their eyes their wickedness and tainted mesmerism is splendorous in power and beautiful in darkness.  Dark waterfalls cascading through the darkness of great forbidden clefts in caverns also house vicious elder witches and gruesome wizard sorcerers whose works are not known.  Yet their evil in charge of power over winged dark mandragoras with vicous fangs dripping blood over the heads of those gnomic caverns enslaving all in their spell.  Forevermore this evil shall never pass without the aid of the frozen elfin aid who was frozen in a crystal of glowing, dazzling lustre.  Long ago the seven Wise Men of the Elfe Wizard Kingdom of Forpax sent their sentries with their fairy guides to the underground land of the seven guarded tri-crystals where a Vorpal Portal lay sealed and closed by the power of the Elder Sentry Wizards of ancient time.  The Wise Men, along with the power of the Great Fairy Queens, unsealed the portal and laying the Elfin aide crystalized for a time until needed within the shimmering essences of the Vorpal portal.  Three majestic springs of light flowed within this forbidden temple grotto and flashed forth zeniths of light out to each of the crystals.  Bright gleaming blue lights flared within the cavern alighting the waterfalls and glowing stalagmites as the elfin youth disappeared in a phantasmic flash of white light which caused all the Queen Fairies, Wise Men and sentries to disappear as well.  The crystalized youth had been telepathically contacted by the Great Wizard King from the floating fortress.  In the telepathic message was this encryption engraved upon the outer form of the great crystal:  

In a time of great trouble you must study the writings from the time of the Great Meteorite, where you shall learn of a great elfin magician, the most powerful of their time. He had been imprisoned in a great crystal deep in a forgotten cave of the Three Springs of Forepax and by the evil forces of the Great Meteorite. Search the underground world and only the wise men who find the cave can awaken the mighty magician.  Though the Wise Men know it might destroy them they must combine all of their remaining powers in an attempt to revive him back to life. When the elfin magician shall awake his mind may be blank and his name forgotten while the Wise Men will be vanished forevermore leaving him alone in this unknown cavern world to begin his quest to rid the world of this ravage of horror.

Coming to a close in his speech to the Elder Kings of Elf the Grand Magistrate Elfe bowed his head and all pooled their powers together to shine a beam of light into the four tri-crystals that rested upon pedestals in the citadel.  Their staves shimmered, sparkling with an incandescent hue as pink orbs of flashing lights splendored near the tri-crystals showing the Great Fairy Queens within the crystals as the Elfe Magistrate sends his telepathic message to the Wise Sage Men of the temples of Forepax.  The Princess Elf whom was present among the Elder Elfe Sages seals the gateway of the Tri-crystals teleportation leading to Forepax and the town of Arx with an incantation of the Grand Seven Wise Men which was conceived of in the time of the Great Meteorite.  Milkysoft dew of pink, shimmering splendor exudes from the base of the tri-crystals as the Queen Elf Fairy resounds her telepathic light response through the glowing Elder's staves into their consciousness.  The time has come to awaken the great Elfin Magician.

An Elder Grand Sage Elf pours a honeyed, glowing Red Antidote elixir made from the Grand Fairy Queens of the temple of fairies hidden within the cavern realm of Forepax. A sparkling crystal vial pours its sparkling rich nutrients into the shimmering, pink softness of the crystals' telepathic pool of minerals.  Beginning to shimmer in an array of nebulous colors, the Elf Guru of the Citadel dips a glowing, golden magic triangle of zealous power into the foaming shimmer of the fairie's crystal pool.  Showering springs of celestial light water fall before the tri-crystals illuminating the Elf Princess and her fairy in a gorgeous ethereal essence as a pink mist fills the moistened air of the citadel, echoing off the gemstones in the stone walls.  A life spell had been cast by the Elfe Princess to revive the red bones of a dwarven cave fairy into healing existence.  One Elf Sentinel put forth his glowing staff of teleportation and a great flash of brilliancy sent its light to the Grand Wizard King of the floating fortress and the seven Wise Men of the temples of Forepax.  A great trembling rumble was felt and the Elfe Princess sealed the gates of teleportation as the sages and wise men sent their remaining strength and power to the mind consciousness of the Elfin Magician frozen in the Great Crystal far away in the caverns of Forepax.  The Elfin youth was now awakening as the Wise Men disappeared forever...  

Part II: The Awakening and beginning of your journey.
Darkness.  You awaken in a cave with a foaming pool of water to your right and a waterfall flowing to your left with a wooden sign on the limestone reading, "Doorkeeper's Hold".  A small fire is being attended to by a small creature covered in a long black cloak with tethered cap and long elfin ears.  You examine the cave and notice a tunnel partially submerged with water leading into a grotto with a wooden sign above reading "Privateer's Hold".  A small faerie with glowing pink wings and blue glowing body with sparkles shimmering as it moves follows near you.  Behind the waterfall is visible a red brick roading leading downwards into the darkness with blue crystals shining in the rock wall.  You walk towards the cloaked creature whom turns around and gives you a candle, a short sword, a black leather tunic and a pair of boots.  Your naked body glistens in the drowsy radiance of the firelight of the cave as you put the tunic over you and then slip on the boots.  The creature before you has long pointed ears, strange face, a torso covered in a black cloak and a great black cap with legs covered in a softened fur with red boots on its feet.  Around its neck is a black chain with a red stone hanging from the middle.  The creature mixes in a pot full of spring water a mixture of one part bixin flour, two black eggs with red spots and a strange red coloured oil.  Next, he pours it onto a strange flat device which heats the mixture and forms a red flat cake.  Handing this red cake and a mug of creamy white liquid with specks of vanilla bean to you he says, "Eat of this.  It shall restore health and vitality."  You eat of the earthen cake and liquid until you feel rejuvenated.  "And how was it my son?"  He smiles with a rather strange yet comforting smile as he brings his blue candle near his face and leans in closer.  "Quite fulfilling grandsire.  It warms the inner being." you say to him.  The grandsire creature smiles as he places the pot and mixture into a great chest near and shuts it, locking it with a key.  You gaze again at the stalagmites and speleothems present in the cave.  A gentle sloping of the cave in the eastern corner hides a metal gate with a sign above which is in an unreadable language.  The creature once again partakes of their slice of the red cake and then looks back towards you.  "Now my son.  I sell wares.  How many golds do you have?"  You look at your lower body and feel your testicals lengthen, the tunic barely covering you lower extremities.  "Not to worry my son.  I shall give you 200 golds.  Use this on your journey.  Its dangerous alone."  Pointing to the faerie above your head the creature hands you a leathern bag tied with a string and from the darkness procures a small studded shield.  "Take this my son.  A token of my gratitude to one so nice to behold."
Looking around you you notice a crude window with a red glow from within in the limestone near the waterfall and near this you see a most vile orgy of faeries within the red glow of a smoking grotto.  Most loathsome and disdainful acts of evil as blood spurts along the window concealing all within a smoky blackness hideous to behold.  You back away and near the creature again with a wide-eyed horror.  "A faerie's brothel.  Do not be frightened.  They are only beings after all." he says as you as keep places a mattock in your hand.  "You can break down walls that stand in your way with this item.  It may be useful."  The grandsire creature squints its eyes as it glances above you and you look up expectingly to see a red bat flying from the shimmering darkness above down towards you.  "Crack!" "Whoosh!"  You swing your short sword at the creature as it procures damage and dies, exploding in a blast of shimmering, sugary sparkles that fall gently into the grotto pool glowing faintly below.  The creature smiles wryly as he says, "A most befitting token.  Do you not see what it has left for you?" pointing to the pool where the creature formerly lay.  You walk over to the grotto and see an herb of life.  "An herb of life is most generous to be left for you.  It restores life power when you are near death.  Red bats are rare.  As well, I had almost forgotten."  Here he took a small crystal vial filled with a luminescent red liquid out of his cloak and hands it to you.  "A red elixir of healing.  Very rare and I found it in the Vlri caverns of the north.  It may come in handy for you my son."  You gaze at the crystal vial and look up suddenly as a mysterious door opens near the red window that wasnt there before and a creature similar in garb and size to the grandsire emerges quickly shutting the door behind her.  This creature was slightly taller with a red nymph's helm of teleportation upon its brow.  It was a female with a most pleasant face that was covered in a black veil.  Her great breasts heaved upon her bosom and her skin was of a darkened hue.  Her long pointed ears were covered in shimmering essences and her two legs covered in a soft white fur of the most lustrous nature.  Upon her small feet were shining blue boots.  "A elfin magician has awaken and come to our realm.  Of his quest I am not sure yet let us hope it shall be an end to the ravage of the Great Queen of Aporune."

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