Welcome to the world

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Welcome to the world

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Have you ever felt useless

Have you ever felt like the average guy, with the average life, in his average home, with an average job?

While everyone else is out there

Youre in here

While everyone else achieving

Youre surviving

You feel empty inside

The world is calling out to you

You have the passion to answer her

Yet you keep your heart quiet

You silence your mind

A stab in the back to your passion

A shot in the head to your imagination

Your mind is supposed to be racing

Not your fingers on that keyboard

Youre supposed to be changing the world

Not those reports on word

Yet here you are

In your cubicle

Watching time pass by

The clock is judging you

People judging you

You judging you

What have you become?

A drone with no hopes?

A robot with no fire?

Another one caught in the rat race

Another one trampled by the pressure of success

Another one dissolved of his individualism

Another one raped by reality

Another one tortured by society

Another one acting as a pillar holding others up to the heavens

While you suffer down here in the plains of hell

Never before have I felt this way

Never before has my anger come out this way

You feel like you have something to say

Only to be drowned by your screams of pain

Depression takes over

Isolation takes over

Pointlessness takes over

You sit in a corner

Is it like this?

No one wants it to be like this

Yet it is this

Welcome to the world

Your appointment is at 3:30

The doctor Death will be soon.




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