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Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



The quiet streets were shrouded in a dense, swirling fog. Under the dark starless night sky, beams of faint orange light radiated by the street lights shot through the fog and danced in the darkness. The glow of a bedroom lamp penetrated the dense blackness and casted a dim wriggling light onto the pavement below.

Behind the window of the bedroom sat a boy, leaning against the slim wooden frame. The night was wasting away, yet no sleep came to him. He stared outside at the emptiness of the streets. The winds began to howl as dark sheets of cloud came rolling across the night sky, covering the last faint glow of the moon light. The sky groaned. Flashes of light sliced through the clouds and sounds of thunder roared towards the ground.

The fog grew thick, cutting out every last beam of light from view. Then sheets of water poured from the sky, blown in all directions by the rushing wind. It began to rain. Droplets crashed onto the roof tops and smashed against the concrete paved roads. The wind rattled the window glass as the boy sat still and watched the rain. The sudden splashes of water that broke through the silence of the night made him calm.

Then, something broke through the fog and caught the boy’s eye. He stood up, pressing himself against the cold glass, scanning for any movements other than the falling water. A few moments later, the thing appeared again. It swooshed through the night like wind blowing past. A discomforting scratching sound followed along as it moved.

The boy hurried to the door, unable to grab any extra clothing other than his boots. Outside was a small warehouse; it’s faded blue metal roof was vaguely visible. With haste, the boy stepped out while bending down his head to brace against the heavy rain. The scratching sound was still echoing in the deep blackness of the street. Then it grew louder. The boy, out of curiously, stood still. He stared into the fog hoping to see what was lingering outside his window. Out of nowhere, the creature broke through the fog and charged at the boy. 

It suddenly came to a halt in front of him. The boy wriggled back, pressing himself against the house door. His eyes started to drift towards the creature. A weird, uneasy feeling rose in his stomach. Then, he felt the rain hitting his skin. The freezing droplets of water dripped down his arm. He looked at the creature again. It didn't seem alive. It felt as if the creature was merged into one with its surroundings, merged with the rain. The strange, unexplainable feeling grasped the boy’s thoughts. It felt like something beyond fear. 

The creature's blazing eyes stared back at him, even though it showed no clear outline of facial features. It didn’t move, yet the boy felt like he was already grabbed by its claws. The creature moved its head. Suddenly, it began to glow red. The glowing dark red struck deep into the boy’s soul. For a moment the boy could sense nothing except for the swirling unknown energy that gathered in front of him. 

Soon the wicked beast ripped into a terrible scream. It was nothing like the screams of an animal. It sounded as if thousands of children were crying out in pain from the very depth of hell. The scream was like a knife, cutting deep into the boy. His vision blurred and he could sense nothing but the smoothing cold water running down his arms.

His eyes snapped open. The beams of the rising sun marched into the fading night sky. The boy was in his bed again, staring out onto the horizon, wondering what had happened the night before. The boy turned, facing himself towards the mirror. In the mirror, a set of glowing red eyes started back at him. The boy flinched and and let out a faint whimper, his body shaking with fear. Then, he realised the eyes were his own as another round of thunder clapped in the distance.

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