Blood Suckers

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The poem is about greedy political leaders, males and females, who damage the lives and rights of their people willingly yet they should empower them.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Blood Suckers


In muddy waters blood suckers live

No real work they do in puddles

Day and night, they wait for

An unlucky man blindly wading

To offer his blood for leeches’ meal of the day

For they know blood is life


Human blood leeches stand those

Fearless male and female of all lands

Greed they are for supremacy

Lovers of hard power they are though

Faint not to know its soft side

But decide to eat, drink and respire lies


Human vampires have no select and side

As they sleep day to work night for

Ready they are to change attitudes

As chameleons dye to lie the killer

When they hide colors to grab preys

That we the grassroots are


Human leeches are bogus dangerous ticks

Seeking other humans whose blood to suck

They awfully kill their rights

Willingly bury their liberty and economy

For they behave sadistically

To remain toughly eternal blood suckers

Poem by Mugisho N Theophile

© Copyright 2018 Mugisho N Theophile. All rights reserved.

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