Boy Unknown

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He's just a boy

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



I’m all for community

I’m all for security

I may not be for conformity

But I’m sure rooting for society

However, how can you not see the blade?

That swings our way

The horrible blood tinged edge

That slices quick

The awful things that they say

When you don’t fit in, like

The quiet whispers on every corner

The bloodshot eyes that stare out at you

‘Mary’s son is a different one’

‘I heard he’s a weird one’

‘He’s always the quiet one’

Head slumped down scratching at his note pad

Shoulders low, walk is slow

He drags his legs across the floor

‘I heard he cuts himself’

‘I heard he shoots up’

‘I heard he hears the demons inside his head’

The whispers they travel

With the wind they swing

Brush against that boys head

He pretends not to notice

It’s only a breeze

But the breeze gets stronger

Well it’s only the wind

But the wind gets stronger

Now it’s a gale

Now he is shoved down

Now the hurricane spits on his clothes

Now the hurricane leaves a massive bruise on his face

Now the hurricane snickers and passes by

Now the debris leaves him broken inside

Now the flotsam leaves his heart drowning

Now the shattered glass that used to be his soul cuts him

What did he do to deserve this?

What did he do to get torn up alive?

He’s just a boy

He just wants to be left alone

He may not be what society wants him to be

I know there’s not flow, but fuck the rhyme scheme

He’s just a boy

He’s just a boy

He’s just a boy

Just leave him alone






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