Merlin:The true story of my life.

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Malachi Stone. A Templar's Tale. Book two: Once bitten.

Book / Horror

Malachi Stone the dark brooding Knight's Templar and his companion, the little thief, Esteban have travelled to Wallachia to vanquish a cult of Vampires, in this 5 part medieval / fantasy / horror / gorefest/ action & adventure tale of blood curdling chills. *****WARNING***** contains strong bloody gore and violence***** Don't be shy now! get those comment boxes filled out. lol. I look forward to reading your thoughts on it.


Book / Fantasy

Book one of the Dark Sidhe Trilogy. Shee-an-Bro is a small village and part of the Celenioth Clan in the land of, Tir Duchais (Too-ur Doo-hish-Homeland). A young Druid, Cu macTire (Koo Mok Teera) is sent to investigate a murder, and uncovers a long forgotten dark and sinister, evil power. Cu macTire and his companions, must embark on a perilous quest in order to prepare themselves, to face the power of, the Dark Shee. Note: It is recommended that before reading this novel, flick down to chapter 35 - Glossary. This will provide the reader with invaluable information about the world the story is set in, and also has a nice snazzy digital map of Tir Dhuchais for you to admire. ************************WARNING********************** Contains, mild to moderate, fantasy type violence, blood and gore, human sacrifice, very mild nudity and adult themes.


Book / Fantasy

Nuall-an-Aich (pron: Noo-al an ish) is book two of the Dark Shee trilogy. Sequel to Shee-an Bro. Cu macTire, the Druid comes to terms with sacrificing his step father. He goes on a journey of self-discovery, travelling to the mysterious Isle of shadows. Meanwhile the macRatha Brothers, who are triplets. travel north to the Wild Lands of the Tuatha De Danaan (pron Toowa day dawn awn) and the village of Nuall-An-Aich, home to the warrior woman, Belisana Argetlamh, Half-sister to Cu macTire, where a great dark evil has been awakened. The brothers, with Belisana must set out on a perilous quest if they are to stand any chance against the dark forces that lurk in the surrounding forest of Nuall-an-Aich. Note: It is advised to read the last chapter, 'A Glossary' Before reading this novel. It highlights important information about the Fantasy world in which this story is set and also has a nice snazzy digital Map of the Northern Wildlands for you to admire! ************************WARNING************************** Contains, mild to moderate fantasy type violence, blood and gore.

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