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Fulfillment and the scars along the way.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



The cold was nearly tangible, yet the rain still fell. Not as a frightful hail, nor as gentle snow, but as a heavy rain. It fell like it would never stop, yet somehow it eventually would. But in the moment this thought never comes across. Rather than rational thoughts filling our minds, emotions run through our veins. Emotions of anger, fear, but most of all sadness surge with a power like none other. Yet none of these emotions are towards others nor the world. They are at ourselves, for we know that we are the most hateful, the most dangerous and the most crippling to our beings than any other. However, this is only secondary. The moment is all that matters, because if you do not live through the first, you will never reach the next, nor the one beyond.

The unexpected rain hits his black shirt. He looks to the sky and wonders where such a rain could come from when the sky was clear and devoid of frustration mere seconds before. Nevertheless, he could no longer bear to see the vastness of the clouds and instead looked down towards his feet. Thoughts of the previous encounter mere minutes ago ran through his mind. Something like a camera in his mind showed him the scene over and over, yet he couldn’t understand. The anger was so sudden and he had not been prepared for such an explosion to occur. He wondered what he could’ve done, something he might’ve been able to change of himself that could have saved him from the catastrophe. However such thoughts were meaningless as they were like the clouds above, out of reach and only dispelling sadness from each pore of its being.

He shook his head, releasing distasteful fantasies and impossible futures from his mind. Drops flew from his hair, landing on the shallow puddles already forming on the ground. Despite his feelings, his instincts took over, leading him to shelter and removing him from the punishing rain from above.


As time passed, the rain subsided and so did the breaking in his heart. The world was not as bleak as it had been hours ago, nor had it ever truly been bleak. There was beauty in every little thing in the world, it just has to be discovered. A calm, quiet laugh emerged from his mouth. He shook his head, however not as hard as early, since there was thoughts he still wanted to keep dwelling in his mind. He picked up the cheap coffee off the table and took a drink. A grin emerged where previously there had been nothing. The torrents in his body had all but subsided and he was once more ready to act as a normal person. There was nothing that the world could do to him anymore that could hurt him. As this thought went through his mind, confidence filled him, pushing him to stand up. He moved his feet towards the door, taking steps that felt like his first.

Bells jingled as he stepped outside the door, pushing the wind that had been forcing itself upon the door. The sounds of the wind entered his ears, then cars driving passed longed for his attention. The sky was now bright, showing no signs of the devastation from earlier, almost like it had been an illusion. He could have thought so had the puddles on the sidewalk evaporated before meeting his gaze. His grin grew into a smile, which radiated the same happiness as the light blue sky. He looked up, no more fear in his eyes of how much the world could hurt him, because he already knew. The pain that the world could force upon us could only be felt by ourselves. Those around look past the injuries in others, for those cuts could not be seen. So we must deal with it amongst ourselves. Help in such an endeavor could be obtained, yet it is like putting a bandage on the wound. We still must deal with it ourselves.

He had realized this long ago. He already has his own scars from his old and forgotten battles so one more wound will do no harm. These scars are a source of strength he can draw upon in a time of need, when he has almost been destroyed and the barriers have been torched.

The first steps of his felt like so long ago as time has passed and he knows that he may reach the landing he is longing for. There may be another set of stairs when he gets there, but he will still have the strength to climb them no matter how many times the cycle repeats itself.

Anger has long since left him, as it has been replaced by understanding. Fear no longer cripples him since he has brought along courage. Sadness, which has always harmed him, will continue to ease itself into his heart. There is no defense against sadness, since sadness itself is a teacher which guides one through life. Each step along the way holds a drop of sadness and only at the end will there be bottle of joy.

So he will always step forward and to the sky, leaving behind his footprint to let others know that he has been through it all. They will feel him alongside as they struggle through their own journey, his encouragement pushing them on with a helping hand. He will always be walking forever so that there are footprints on each step of the way.

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