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This the story of Arnold and Steven, and how their ordinary doughnut shop was visited by some of new York' most notorious criminals... this is a sceen from a play that dose not exist that i had to write for 11th grade English class.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



It was a quiet day for Steven and Arnold. They had been running the doughnut shop all morning and only a hand full of people showed any interest. Arnold adjusted his pink and white striped apron as he came from behind the counter, and stat at one of the few tables set up in the store front. Steven grabbed a rag and wiped down the glass display case full of goods. They watched the world revolve without them as they stared at the busy New York street from the window. Steven folded his arms and put his head on the counter, and Arnold flopped his head on the table. The bells on the door rang as a young woman in a blue coat entered the shop. Steven and Arnold sprang up to greet the customer. Steven saw the woman and ran his hand thought his golden brown ringlets. Arnold quickly cleaned his glasses and adjusted his posture.
Steven: “Hello! Welcome to Arnold’s doughnuts, how can I help you?”
Woman: “I would like one assorted dozen, please.”
Arnold: “I have a fresh tray of jelly filled in the back, I’ll go get them!” he said as he ran in to the kitchen.
Steven: “So, you want cream filled, cake, butter milk, jelly?”
Woman: “Six whole wheat, and six plain.”
Steven: “Oh.” He was disappointed with her answer. He packaged her sweets and handed her the box.
“Will that be all for you today miss?”
“Could you add on a plain black coffee?”
“Of course, and will that be all?” he said as he turned to fill a small cup with coffee.
“Yes. That’s it.”
“Ok then, that will be ten seventy five.” He said as he pressed buttons on the register.
The woman reached into her red-leather purse and pulled out a credit card. They completed the transaction and the woman left without a thanks, or good bye.  Arnold came from the kitchen with a large tray of beautiful doughnuts, and a huge smile on his face.
“She’s gone Arnold. She took six plane, six whole wheat, a black coffee and left.” Arnold’s smile faded and he slouched a little. He gently slammed the tray on the counter and slunk over to the table. As he held his head, he spotted something just under the edge of the counter.
“Don’t worry, she was a snob anyway. You’ll find a nice girl who appreciates jelly and frosting.” Steven said lovingly to his brother as he placed the tray of doughnuts in the case. Arnold walked over to the unknown item on the floor, and picked it up. His eyes widened.
“Steve! I just found huge wad of dough!” he said still bent down.
“Arnold! We work in a doughnut shop. I see that all the time.”
“No, cold hard cash!” he said as he stood up and waived the money in his brother’s face.
“It must belong to that lady you’re in love with. She was fumbling in her purse and seemed nervous when she left…”
“Three…four…six….ten….” Arnold mumbled.
“Holy loaves of rye. This is fifty thousand dollars.” Arnold looked at Steven with a childish smile.
“No Arnold, we have to give it back. We aint dealing with chump change here, this is a small fortune!”
“But think about what we could do with it!”
“But think about how much trouble we will be in when your ‘girlfriend’ shows up and we are wearing solid gold shirts, but the money is missing! We have to call the police and let them find her.”
“Ok, fine. You have a good point. If it was like twenty bucks I would keep it, but fifty thousand dollars is just way too much.” Arnold sighed as Steven pulled out his phone. He punched in 911 and held the phone to his ear. He looked nervously at Arnold.
911 Operator: “Nine-one-one what’s your emergency?”
Steven: “Um, someone dropped fifty thousand dollars in my store and I don’t know how to find them.”
“Ok Hun, well that sounds like you need the police. Let me transfer you over.” Arnold looks at Steven impatiently.
Police Officer: “Hello, who is this and what can we help you with?”
Steven: “Hi, this is Steven from Arnold’s doughnuts down on Fifth Avenue, and I am calling because a lady dropped fifty thousand dollars, and I don’t know how to find her.
“Fifty thousand dollars?! Well that’s a lot of dough! Tell me son, was the lady wearing a blue coat?”
“Yes, she was! Did she swing by the station to ask for it?”
“No. someone hacked into a bank’s computer and deposited fifty thousand dollars into their account. The security footage shows a woman in a sky blue coat standing at the ATM for a very long time. The time stamp on the footage, coincides with when the money was transferred. I will bring a few of my buddies down and help you out. We could be dealing with a very dangerous woman. *CLICK*” Stevens eyes widened he ran over to Arnold and grabbed his shoulders.
“DUDE! THE COP SAID THE MONEY IS STOLEN!” he yelled as he shook Arnold’s shoulders. Arnold’s face went sour and he dropped the money.
“What if she comes back and kills us? What if she thinks we pick pocketed her? WHAT IF” Steven stopped him.
“The cop said that he would come investigate with a few of his buddies.”  He said as he bent down and picked up the money. Steven sat Arnold at the table, and put the cash back under the counter.
“Why are you putting it back?”
“Because if she does come back before they get here, I want it to look how it did before we touched anything.” He stepped behind the counter and fiddled with a few things. The bells jingled on the door. Arnold was startled, and Steven turned around expecting police.
Steven: “Good after noon offi-er gentlemen.” He muttered with a half-smile at the three, gigantic mobsters standing in the shop.
Mobster #1: “Good evnin’ to you to. We will take six whole wheat, six glazed, and three black coffees.”
Steven: “Yes Sir!” he cried as he filled their order.
Mobster #2: “Those jelly filled look so tasty… Boss, could we get a few?”
Mobster #1: “I don’t see why not.” Arnold hoped to his feet.
Arnold: “I’ll get those for you, how many do you want? I made them about an hour ago so there super fresh!” he said nervously.
Mobster #1: “What the heck, if they are fresh, give us a dozen.” the second mobster smiled.
Arnold: “Yes Sir!” Steven watched mobster #3 bend down and pick up the money through the reflection on the coffee carafe. He elbowed Arnold and snarled in his ear.
Steven to Arnold: “He took it!” Arnold’s eyes widened as he continued to place jelly filled into the box. They finished at the same time.
Steven: “Ok, we have one dozen jelly filled, six whole wheat, six plane glazed, and three black coffees. Will that be all for you fellas?” he said as sweat poured down his face.
Mobster #1: “I think so.” Then the light turned from sunlight, to red and blue flashing light. The bells on the door jingled.
Officer: “You have the right to remain silent.” He said as he and two other cops put the mobsters in hand cuffs. The officer took the money from the third mobster and shoved him in the police car. Once the mobsters were contained, he walked back into the shop to console the shaken brothers.
Officer: “Sorry it had to happen this way. But thank you for keeping your cool. It could have been so much worse…”
End scene.

© Copyright 2018 hellotimelord. All rights reserved.

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