Four Doctors and a Camera

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The Eleventh Doctor calls upon three famous faces to "save the universe".

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



"Ok guys! I got it all set up. This photo will be legendary!" said the Eleventh Doctor.
"what is that?" Bones said as he pointed at a camera on a tripod. Beverly crossed her arms and looked at it with intrigue.
"That is a twenty first century camera. It was used to take photographs." Eleven explained.
"like that barbaric cancer causing, radiation emitting nightmare they call an 'x-ray'?" Bones grumbled. Beverly looked at Bones amusedly.
"Ummm, no. Not in any respect. This takes digital images of, oh shouldn't you have some vague recognition of this device from history class? Anything? It's not like you can't take pictures! Use your imagination." Eleven said exasperated.
"I still don’t know why we are even doing this. I have several patients in sick bay that are counting me." Beverly said with agitation. Bones nodded his head in agreement.
"look guys, I know you are busy, but the fate of all everything depends on this photo of us. Please don’t ask how, we don't have time for that. And I should know, I'm like, the king of time." Eleven stated. Bones rolled his eyes. The door on the side of the white room creaked open.
"John! You made it!" Said Eleven as he flung is arms up and charged for the man stepping through the door. The two men collided, and John was not pleased. Bones and Beverly snickered. John pushed Eleven off of himself and looked around suspiciously. Eleven showed John to the others and introduced them.
"This is Dr. Leonard .H. McCoy. He is the CMO on the U.S.S Enterprise-"
"No need for introductions, I know perfectly well who they are! I've seen plenty of Star Trek in my day to be familiar with you two. I am Dr. John Watson." John interrupted. Bones and Beverly looked at each other with puzzled faces, then turned to eleven.
"Okay, I may have glossed over the fact you guys are from different dimensions. But, I am not going to explain that now because we have no time!" Eleven exclaimed.
"Now get in front of the camera." He tacked on through his teeth.
"Ok!" John agreed as he tossed his arms up. Eleven moved Bones and Beverly next to each other, and set up the timer. Eleven stood between the two Starfleet officers with his arms wrapped around their shoulders. They squirmed uncomfortably.
"John, you stand in front, but get on one knee." Eleven commanded. The flash went off, and everyone cringed at the light.
"Ok, can I leave now?" Bones asked as he grabbed his communicator. Beverly scoffed at the device in his hands.
"yeah, I guess so. It has been a pleasure to-" eleven started.
"yeah, yeah, yeah, nice to meat you and all that. Enterprise to McCoy. Scotty, get me out of here!" Bones exclaimed as he flipped open his communicator and dematerialized.
"I hope you have your universe saving 'photo'. Dr. Crusher to enterprise, one to beam up." Beverly said as she tapped the emblem on her uniform. Moments later, she sparkled out of the room.
"Soooooo, Jawwwn, are you gonna stay and talk?" Eleven said as he turned to the last guest.
"I would love to, but no. Sherlock is probably wondering why I haven't handed him the pen he asked for an hour after I left. So, I gotta go." John said as he turned and quickly strived for the door. Eleven sighed, and pulled the photo from the front of the camera. He smiled, and mumbled to himself.
"Oh, just wait till Amy sees this! I sure showed her. " He laughed. Eleven turned to the opposite door, and walked out to the tardis with a huge grin.

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