the falling man

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Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Time's flying, and I,


I just can't seem to give a fuck,


Not anymore.


A big stretch of  life,

a long road indeed, 

and at first,

I sat,

The Deepsea Man.

I sat at the bottom,

just I, 



I sat with helmet,

clad in suit, and,

so I sat,

so the mute.


One day I emerged,

helmet breached,

suit unequipped.


An axe lay ashore.


So The Axeman.

The magnificent striker.

The master progressor,

the one unfaltered.


And so I approached her,

the mass that she was,

clad in stone,

I in dust.


So I struck,

struck and swung,

with fantasies of treasure,

and indeed I found some.


But surely not enough!

Blasted fool's gold,

so ahead I struck,

ahead I swung.


Until one day, I thought,

that perhaps,

perhaps the peak was near,

and so I paused,

cast aside my gear.


and looked to the horizon.


So overwhelmed,

overwhelmed indeed,

wrapped up in fear, yet,

undoubtedly freed.


No longer with axe,

and never with plan,

I approached the edge,

as The Falling Man.

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