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This is short horror story of twin brothers out of which one get possessed by evil spirit of dead child....

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



On one of dark night, A lady from darkened mansion runs outside of front door with large cry and fear in her eyes comes in front of gate, stops for a while and looks back with heavy breathing. Suddenly she sees someone and shouts again but is possessed by evil force.

Months later, Martha and Adam has recently moved to new house in Rose chambers with there 2 twin sons Jacob and Jaden and Adam’s younger sister Jennifer who has been in hunt for new job. Adam receives urgent call from his office regarding new product launch meeting to be attended. He hurriedly heads to office. Martha and Jennifer unpacks there loads from boxes while, Jacob and Jaden plays over a balcony with their toy horse. Martha pushes things inside of house while Jennifer stays behind in garden near truck when she comes across there new neighbor, an old woman Miss Grant who mysteriously looks at Martha from a kitchen window. Jennifer smiles with her but she advances towards her whispering that she should stay away from a porch behind of her house. Sooner, Jennifer follows to porch to have some good time with both twins nephew. She plays with both Jacob and Jaden who runs to the bedroom to have more fun. Jennifer moves to end of balcony and discovers an old darkened mansion at some distance away from the house. Jennifer watches it and finds someone at window of mansion staring back at her. Suddenly a person inside the mansion shuts the window. Jennifer goes back to assist Martha.

At night, Adam returns to house with news of his promotion over a job and that he wants to celebrate his success with his family. Jennifer tells him about a strange behavior of their neighbor Miss Grant who has been watching them from her garden. Adam ignores it saying she feels shy to talk with them and instruct Martha to wish her on coming Christmas. After a small party with cutting cake and eating chocolates, weary Jennifer moves to her bedroom near the porch. Martha makes both twin son sleep in one room and she with Adam too goes for sleep. At midnight, Jennifer awakens by sound of her mobile. She then checks on time and goes to kitchen to have some water. In kitchen, she drinks up the water and then moves back to her room where she discovers some lady walking towards a porch. She feels it as Martha and ask her to stop but, with no response she follows her to porch. A lady climbs up on porch and Jennifer shouts at her to stop. A lady sees at her but to strange it was not Martha but someone else. On asking who she is by Jennifer, she points to an old mansion and jumps of from porch. Jennifer on watching it cries loudly. Adam turns on his room lights with Martha being awake. They both run near to Jennifer lying unconscious over the porch. Adam tries to wake her up while Martha goes to both twins who were afraid too. Adam lifts Jennifer up and comforts her on bed. After some while, Jennifer gains conscience explains the whole matter to Adam. Adam moves to balcony to find no one there. He tells Jennifer that she might be dream walking all the while. Jennifer resist him saying that she has not been dream walking since her childhood. After much negotiation, Jennifer goes to sleep. Adam and Martha too goes to sleep and Martha watches over to Miss Grant who has been looking at them from her window. She unlit the lamp and goes to sleep. Next morning, Adam leaves for his office while Martha gets busy with her daily chores. Jacob and Jaden create’s lot of muddle in house. Jennifer wakes up, read down the news articles, with a cup of tea in her hand. She slowly approaches to a porch and remembers of last night. Martha calls her to search a key to open up the old box inherited by Adam’s grandmother to them. Jennifer could not find it and tells Martha to ask Adam about keys. Jennifer then together with Jacob and Jaden goes for there new school admission. Martha warns her to take care of  Jaden as he gets little bit nervous in front of new people and is shy to talk to others. She goes to school to chat with principal for fee constraints. While confabulating with principal, she reveals that they have came to stay in Rose chamber bungalow due to her elder brother transfer to city. On hearing, Principal get’s frightened and had a mild heart stroke only to get sustain by drinking water. Jennifer feels strange about his behavior. 

Back way through driving her car, she comes across the old dilapated mansion in a way. Due to her curiousity, she stops by and comes out of car to check out who has been peeping through  window at her. She also instruct Jacob and Jaden to stay back in a car. She then moves near to gate of mansion, opens it up, spontaneously approaches towards it. She goes to front door of mansion only to find it locked. She knocks repeatedly but receives no response. She could only hear her echo of voice string back at her with sound of breeze. She then steps back but all of sudden hears someone crying inside of mansion. After which, she sees a window opened at one end of house. She feels that someone might be trapped inside and jumps through window inside of house. She finds a large room with all darkness dispersed at every corner of it. She lit up the mini-torch of her mobile and climbs the ladder in direction of yelling sound of woman. She then come over a dark room, opens up the door and finds a woman lying at one end of room sobbing quietly. She ask him, “Who she is? Does she needs any help ?”. A woman looks at her it was the same lady she found at midnight jumping from her porch. The lady points at someone at other corner. Jennifer moves her torch at other end to find a black clothed, red faced thin person with red colored single eye having sharp teeth grudging at her. In dismay, she runs outside from room. She hurriedly climbs down the ladder, jumps of the window, head towards the car. She could still hear the voice of roar behind her. She starts the car and drives it over in full pace towards the house only to get crashed to incoming truck on a way that throws her out of car window and sliding over the car to a tree. Few hours later, cops gather the area over an accident. Jennifer is admitted to hospital while, Martha thanks Lord Jesus for saving her kid Jaden. She gets reluctant for her other lad Jacob who has been missing after accident. Doctors inform Adam that Jennifer has been undergone a deadly accident and her nervous system has been damaged completely making her hospitalized to I.C.U. Martha get’s very hypher about her missing lad Jacob and blames Jennifer for taking them along. Adam tries to condole her with message that cop would search there child within weeks. Cop patrols the whole town in search of Jacob but could not find him. At night, Inspector ask Adam to ask his other child about Jacob. Martha weeps whole day and grabs Jaden near to her. Adam frees him from her hug and ask him about his brother to which Jaden answers that he has been wandering to mansion way back of there house. Both Adam and Inspector moves over to old dilapated mansion. They hunt for a while with many guards wandering all area and finally find Jacob sobbing at one corner of the same room which Jennifer previously visited. They bring Jacob back home along with Jaden. Martha gets happy by watching him safe back home. The old neighbour Miss Grant shouts at Jacob arrival with a loud voice that he is not Jacob he is an evil that has came to there house and would result in there end. He should be thrown out. Till that time, her only son Hugh Grant arrives at spot and takes her away regretting for her manner of speaking. He tells Inspector and Adam that she suffers from madness. Adam thanks Inspector for his help.

Next day onwards, when Adam leaves for office Martha takes care of Jaden and Jacob. She feeds them and leaves them to school in their school bus. She then goes to collect waste from kitchen. While collecting waste,She comes to Jennifer room where she cleans up the wardrobe arranging her attire. She then moves to porch to see from distance the same dilapated mansion. She sees for a while then comes out of her house to water the plants. While watering she hears sound of piano being played by someone from inside of her house. She view from window the sight of old lady playing piano. She slowly approaches towards other window of her house and see the lady again. In frightened way, she moves in front of her house door to look who she is and she finds a lady standing upright turning towards her comes shouting at her. Martha get’s frightened and Lady moves within Martha body on street where her a child was playing. A speeding car comes up and hit him. In fear, Martha shuts her eyes and slowly opens it up to find no one. She then hears a sound of Jennifer room door being shut down by someone. She hurriedly walks in and finds same lady inside weeping near the corner of Jennifer room. She gets frightened and moves out of house to call upon their neighbour Hugh Grant who comes to aid her with his long stick presuming as some kind of thug has entered her house. Both slowly appproaches towards Jennifer bedroom and Hugh heavily opens up the door but finds no one inside. Till that Adam too arrives in his car. Martha tells him about lady being inside there house but suddenly disappeared after she left to call Hugh. Hugh quietly leaves there house to take care of his roaring mother. Adam feels Martha being day dreaming like his sister Jennifer or being upset by staying alone in huge house. They receive a call from school principal. Adam and Martha both arrives to school talks with principal who informs them about stubborn Jacob who has bite upon teachers hand, since she scold him for scratching desk. Adam feels strange about Jacob being so violent towards his class teacher and even tried to harm his twin brother. Jaden stays back watching Jacob. With principal orders they takes Jacob back to home. Martha scolds him at house while Adam makes him understand to “Respecting the Teacher is must.” Jacob stays dumb and looks at his father. Till evening Martha and Jacob stays at home until Jaden returns back to home. After having night meal, Martha makes them both sleep but Jacob refuses to sleep with Jaden. Martha has to make him sleep in her room while Adam sleeps with Jaden. At night, Both twins wakes up and moves out of there room. Martha wakes up and she finds Jacob missing from her room. She moves out of her room to search him in kitchen and hears a cry of Jaden who was about to fall from balcony being held by Jacob. Martha recognizes Jacob trying to kill Jaden. She catches over the Jaden and blames Jacob for it. Adam arrives and stops her from thrashing Jacob.

While Adam tries to stop Martha, they hear someone wandering in there hall room. Martha gets frightened. Adam moves with his wooden stick to hall searches for it in kitchen but find nothing. He then hears a sound of there security bell whistling loudly and front door being opened widely. He moves towards it in search of robber and shuts it down after inspecting the realm near his front door of house. He then tells Martha that nobody has sneaked inside the house it might be due to blowing wind and she might had forget to shut door tightly. Martha could not believe it and looks at Jacob and Jaden strangely who looks at each other furiously. Next day, Adam ask Martha too consult the psychologist for Jacob’s night behavior. Martha agrees upon it. As soon as Adam leaves the house, After dropping Jaden into school she takes Jacob to psychiatrist who assures her that Jacob is fine and he is behaving normal. Martha feels little strange by hearing from doctor. She takes Jacob to public garden where she offers him toffee and carefully investigate about last night. Jacob does not answer her and in fear cries over. Martha condoles him and comes back to house. She finds that her house has been opened by someone. She get’s worried. After which she calls upon Hugh again to accompany her to check who has been sneaking in her house. Hugh together with Martha enters the house and finds somebody exiting from door of Jennifer, climbs up the ladder moves to porch. Hugh and Martha both chases it and finds no one in porch. Martha again hears a sound of someone running outside from front door of there house. She chases at it and it runs over and over from garden area to backyard. Martha and Hugh both follow’s her. It was same lady who run and Martha tries to stop her but she does not. They follow till the lady enters the old dilapated mansion where Jennifer has previously entered. Martha was about to follow her through gate but is stopped over by Hugh saying it is possessed place and she should not enter into it. Martha gets anxious by his statement and goes to back to her house. There she goes to basement of house from where that old lady has sneaked before cleans it up, and finds an old thing about family staying there before. She discovers a family album with same lady in it along with her husband and stout child. Seeing this, Martha scoffs at Hugh asking him about why the mansion was possessed and who that old dame was?. Hugh takes her to his house lighted with candle light and Jesus signs every where. He tells her the story of family staying before there arrival. It was family of Mr and Miss Waldron with there only 15 year son Heavet who was initially friendly but some days later he became notorious as no one was ready to befriend him and he later died in car accident unknown to all but after some evil cult he revived and had some mysterious friend whom he used to talk with and follows him to old dilapated mansion. Sooner he became violent and raging after failed attempt to kill his father. Miss Waldron tried to tie him up and consult the priest but he went outrageous and killed his father along with priest. Later on he was shot by cop on his surrender. After which Miss Waldron became insane, used to go to mansion and died in road accident. Martha gets frightened and ask him who that lady was. He tells her that it was spirit of Miss Waldron but he does not knew what she needs now?. Martha is called upon by Adam who came home and became furious over Martha in house of Hugh. He shouts at her saying that she is not aware about her duties and Jaden has already returned back to home playing near the gate that could have been risky for his life if he have hitched over a road. Martha goes back to her house with Adam. She tells Adam about the doctor reports regarding Jacob as he can join school from tomorrow onwards. She also informs him about the spirit of Miss Waldron the old resident of there house. He laughs at her for her rubbish thoughts and blames over the Hugh for his mischief teaching. Adam does not believe her anymore. At night, Martha lit up the candle which she borrows from Hugh unknown to Adam.  She then opens up the old antic box of her with keys containing some material that can be used for warning about evil. She takes some pencil from it, keeps it near the door of Adam’s room and her room. After which she goes to sleep in her room.

At midnight, Martha hears a sound outside of her room with door of her room being vibrating heavily. She gets frightened and after some moment later when it stops she opens it up to see whole pencil of her room being smashed by someone while pencils beneath the room of Adam has been stayed aligned. She gets feared to learn that Jacob sleeping next to her has been possessed. She shuts up the door slowly and goes to Jennifer’s bedroom to sleep. Next morning, she rises early and decides of taking Jacob to priest. She without concerning Adam goes to priest with her young lad Jacob after dropping Jaden to school. Martha and Jacob visits the Kuriakos and meets priest George who checks on Jacob and finds him free of any kind of devilish  impurity. Martha could not believe why Jacob would hurt his younger brother Jaden. Jacob ask priest to follow him to cemetery near the Kuriakos where he ask to make congregation of Miss Waldron child Heavet dumped there. As priest moves towards funeral a wind blows shading all tree leaves over the ground. Priest George spells slows over the breeze blowing. He then moves to Martha illustrating that some thing is wrong in her house and he must visit there. At house, Martha and George read some spells to remove evil spirit from there. Martha ask him about Heavet. What turned him into baddie? Priest tells him that God made family for all person on earth, If no family then friends too are treated as family but who stays alone and is isolated from a world makes unusual relation with himself making him either insane or devil worshipper. Heavet was one such child who became near to evil after his accident he was revived with his spirit that met many of other accidental death spirits roaming all over and Heavet may have formed unusual relationship with them. As Cops shot him he injured manner went to old mansion and died there which was also one of isolated place to free spirit of devil from his body and keep it under protection till it gets new one. Saying this he ask Jacob about why he went over to that mansion. Jacob was about to answer but is stopped by watching Jaden standing near the door who runs away immediately on seeing priest present in house. George and Martha get surprised by Jaden’s demeanor. George leaves the house repeatedly watching Jaden hanging on swing in garden. Martha brings Jaden back to house. At night, she ask Adam to change their residence as sooner as he can. Adam feels it rubbish but still promises her to do so. Next day, Martha receives a call from hospital regarding the well being of Jennifer and about she went to church immediately she got up. Martha surprisingly goes to church to meet Jennifer and George after dropping Jacob and Jaden to school. At church, Martha finds Jennifer still feeble to talk with her. She could not understand why Jennifer moved out of hospital so hurriedly. Jennifer explains her about what happened back in mansion. She tells her that after she entered the mansion she left behind Jacob and Jaden and both twins went inside the mansion. Inside mansion, Jaden and Jacob got trapped. This caused the spirit of evil to enter into Jaden’s body possessing him. Jacob was resisting evil advances so much that he did not allowed evil to enter inside his body. She realized it when she was on road driving. She tried to turn her vehicle back when she saw possessed powerful Jaden standing in front of her running vehicle and as her vehicle hit him she loosed control over it causing vehicle to crash over to tree. The truck just went aside of her vehicle causing no harm but, vehicle slid in front of truck. She tells Martha that Jaden is one who has become outrageous and not Jacob. Martha ask her why spirit is after Jaden. Priest explains her that Spirit is after every person who is not able to make fast relation with human world or who stays alone. Jaden is that kind of child hence spirit easily sheltered inside him. Martha get’s call from school that her sons have gone viral and had left the premises of school. She gets worried over it but George tells her that Jaden has took Jacob with him to house to kill him. Martha immediately heads over to her house along with Jennifer and both explore the house to find nobody. Martha then along with Jennifer moves over to dilapated mansion. They are followed over by Hugh and Adam now close friends along with priest. Adam opens up the front door and then Martha enters castle yelling for both twins. She then witness the door opening at top floor with red light inside it. Priest commands Martha to move with him towards the door while remaining would stay back. Priest and Martha approaches towards room and sees over possessed Jaden with Heavet spirit holding Jacob with knife in his hand.  Priest ask him what does he want from them. Heavet inside of Jaden replies that He want a friend to return back to this world as after he death he befriended the wrong guy and he has been hiding inside Jaden body from evil who have came lot of time to mansion searching for him, torturing spirit of his mother Mrs Waldron and now he needs to do friendship with Jacob then only he can be free from monster who is harassing them. He also blames priest for bringing evil with them. Astonished Priest could not believe who the Heavet was talking about but all of sudden Adam moves into room attacking Jaden to stop him from killing Jacob. Priest use his holy water to remove spirit of Heavet from Jaden’s body but as he does so unknowingly he is stabbed by knife from back by Jennifer who was actually being possessed by evil spirit whom the Heavet was afraid of. Jennifer becomes violent and threw’s Martha away from top floor to below. Martha falls over and see the dead body of Hugh Grant fallen in bloodshed. Adam fights over with Jennifer and tries to stop it but to vain. Martha right leg is cramped after falling from attic. Jennifer tosses Adam to other end of room and takes Jaden in her hand telling him you are one of us. You have befriended evil and now on longer would come back to this world or attain salvation. Both Heavet inside Jaden body and Monster inside Jennifer body uses ther powers to fight in which Heavet falls over. Monster captures Heavet. Jaden and Jacob are set free from Heavet shakles. Monster too lives over Jennifer body. Priest who was injured moves over to Heavet and ask him to take his body as he too has no friends in this world. Heavet hears him and does so. Priest and Monster fights with Priest destroying it completely.

Few days later…. The Adam and Martha along with Jennifer and twins Jacob and Jaden gather’s over graveyard for sacrifice of priest to save Heavet life. They later on see Heavet along with his mother attending salvation from this world. Heavet waves both Jacob and Jaden goodbye.

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