Why Should All Believers Read the Qur’an

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The life begins in an evolutionary cycle, from single-celled organisms to gargantuan dinosaurs, a plethora of life, so diversified, so beautiful!

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



The Beginning

In an extraordinary display of galactic showers, the asteroids and other celestial fragments are striking the surface of the planet Earth, carrying inorganic compounds from space, the building blocks of life, consistently delivering the composite package to a virgin planet in a preordained sequence.

The cradle of life is taking shape, evidencing the emergence of a massive birthplace and arguably the most amazing phenomenon of all times, portraying our own modest beginning. The young planet is stimulating, slowly coming to life.

Life begins in an evolutionary cycle. From the inorganic substances to organic molecules and from single-celled organisms to gargantuan dinosaurs, witnessing a remarkable display of nature's creativity, a plethora of life, so diverse, so beautiful!

Then approaches the colossal monster with a club of death in its hand, ambling forward in utter rage to exterminate life in a single swipe. The angel of death strikes, ending the Jurassic era, paving way for us to enter the arena to dominate it in order to create an ideal society for all.

What we have done to it is another story!

Post Proliferation

Our world hosts more than seven billion humans and countless other species of nature coexisting on the only planet, or perhaps there are others like it on other planets which we are not aware of as yet.

We see downside with a pinch. The deterioration is rampant and collective. The equilibrium is out of place as many species have disappeared and many more are on the brink of extinction. Increase in the level of gases, deforestation, widespread contamination, use of materials which are bad for us but we are not fully cognizant of the fact yet, or are conveniently ignoring the immense danger. Immeasurable piling up of the dangerous weapons and their continuous production and so on and so forth. 

Most of the steps are in the wrong direction. There are however some good initiatives and actions taken by us like our penchant for research and our efforts to discover new ways and invent new things, our teamwork and our optimism, on the brighter side.

We see processions, people protesting against wars and injustice, schools, books, inventions, discoveries. The patients suffering from diseases and those taking care of them in white dresses, like soothing apparitions. We see and have seen some working in their laboratories, research centres, universities, in their rooms, basements and we use what those few discover and invent. We see those who leave the comfort of their homes to treat and feed the poor in far flung areas. We feel relieved and fulfilled but what more needs to be done?

Before we move to that point let us first try to comprehend as to why are we here on this planet? Are we merely the result of an accident? Unplanned creation? Are we the product of a jumble, series of uncontrolled events, something evolved out of nowhere. Do we have a purpose?

We have a beginning and we know that, so do we have an end as well?

What lies beyond that point?

Let us look at general beliefs of the people of this world. About 63 percent of the world population believes in some kind of religion. The major religions in terms of numbers are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. While 23 percent of the people are not religious and about 11 percent are atheists, the angry ones. Ironically they have higher IQ levels which makes them believe that they are on the right track and have an edge over the bunch of believers.

While the number of those who believe in religion surpasses the rest, the question arises that why don’t they all believe in one religion? If they believe that a divine power has created the entire universe then why do they follow different paths? Is that because the message was delivered through different messengers at different times, and that they stood rigid on their beliefs and denied the ones that followed?

Probably so.

The concept that universe is an extremely complex simulation is not new but surprisingly the scientific community is taking deeper interest in the idea these days. There was a debate held on this subject in 2016 in the US called the Isaac Asimov Memorial debate, comprising renowned scientists and philosophers.

The number of participants whose views changed in favor of this all being a simulation increased after the debate was concluded.

I have not studied all the world's religions in depth but have a fairly good idea about the beliefs as prescribed by the religion of Islam in the Holy Book called the ‘Qur’an’.

Taking the earlier stance that there should technically be only one religion that all believers should follow in view of the fact that universe has been designed and created by one deity which makes sense not only from religious perspective but now also from the scientific suggestion as well, though not yet proven as that perhaps will not be possible because those created are trapped within the simulation and unless they leave it, they cannot see as to who had created them. Or the Architect can create some kind of an exception enabling a person to see Him without leaving the simulation.

If for example you create a computer game and see the characters that you have developed all the time but the characters can not see you.

Those believing in that notion will appreciate that we must refer to the final version of any book or manual for proper guidance or instructions. While we may still believe in the earlier versions as they were valid when they were launched but to seek true guidance, we always refer to the latest or the final version, not the earlier editions and that makes sense. That belief does not negate or render the earlier versions redundant but reaffirms one’s faith.

The analogy to prove that point is that when any new system or equipment or legislation is designed or introduced, there are pertinent instructions issued for users to properly utilize it. When changes are made, there are new sets of  instructions or addenda issued. When the system or equipment or law is fully updated or completed to serve a specific purpose, the final version of the instructions to properly manage and use it should be referred to in order to seek proper guidance.

The obvious reason to adopt that approach is to avoid referring to the older versions in case any tampering was made to the previous manual so as to avoid unnecessary complications, errors and confusion. 

There are certain misconceptions that I believe are very important to be clarified in order for believers to see things in clear perspective. That is; the divine books are not owned by particular groups of people who follow them but they are meant for all mankind. To elaborate further, the divine scriptures like Torah, the Holy Bible and the Quran are not owned by their respective followers but they are for all humankind to refer to and seek guidance from, not only for salvation but to also learn about the God's prescribed way of life in order to build a better and equitable society on this planet.

When people think about a particular religion they view it with skepticism and bias. For example, the Christians or Hindus will not read the Qur'an assuming it to be a book of Muslims which is totally incorrect. Similary most Muslims do not refer to the Holy Bible though some do as it is part of their faith which has rendered it mandatory to believe in all the divine scriptures which were descended before the Qur'an.

I repeat, the Qur'an is not owned by Muslims. It is the Book of God and is meant for all humankind. Similarly the Torah and the Holy Bible are not the Books of Jews and Christians respectively, they are for all humans.

While those who follow Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism or other belief systems should also read the Qur'an for it is the final version of the same series of revelations and commandments meant for humankind. Not referring to it is like sticking to the older version and not referring to the final version which has been completed in all respects.

Remember, the Qur'an is not a Book of Muslims as one may think. It is for all humans and is the final version, so view it from an unbiased angle.

An Important Note:

The early scholars interpreted the Holy Qur'an in literal sense, and with different linguistic backgrounds they earnestly tried their best to do their work with utmost caution, honesty and precision. However, when an intelligent person reads the translation or its interpretation, he or she may not fully comprehend the message. For example, the verses 7–9 of the Chapter number 55 known as Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent), the translation as we find is;

55:7: And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the Balance (of Justice),

55:8: In order that ye may not transgress (due) balance.

55:9: So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.

The word ‘Justice’ is not used by some scholars and most readers I assume get an idea that is open to interpretation based on one’s own intellectual capacity. That in principle is fine as people may view things differently according to the span of knowledge they have acquired and their experiences in life etc., but many followers of Islam for being ignorant or less educated unfortunately believe that these verses refer to the merchants selling their goods and that they should use correct weights for a fair deal.

Now look at the message, same verses interpreted as below;

55:7: The sky (atmosphere) He has raised high, and He has kept perfect balance in the universe.

55:8: So that you too, never violate due balance in your lives.

55:9: Therefore, establish balance in the society in absolute justice. And never belittle the scale of justice (In all your transactions, even with your own ‘self’.)

Source: http://drshabbir.com/library/qxp_vi_english.pdf

Imagine those who read the message with clear interpretation will certainly realize that their prime task on this planet is to establish and nurture an equitable society based on equality, fairness and mutual respect. A person of faith having firm belief in the Book will Never do anything to harm others whosoever they are.

We see that the message hasn’t been appropriately grasped and we will appreciate that proper teachings of the Qur'an will transform this world into a much better place, a heaven as we understand it.

One Creator; One Cosmos; One Religion hence one global Community, that is the ultimate challenge for mankind to achieve in this world and must therefore be the prime objective of their lives.




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