Funny, Right?

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Who are your friends? Who is just by your side for what you can offer? It's funny when you realize who will be there through everything and who won't.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



I'm Funny, right?

I mean everyone laughs at my jokes.

Everyone knows my name

And everyone always wants my help

But why do I still feel alone among the chatter?

Why do I see through their fake muses,

their laughter and their charades

Why am I just a prop in their game?

Maybe we were never friends

I was just their best chance.

It hurts to know that I'm not loved for me.

I'm a piece on their chess board

Not laughing at my jokes but me

For my oblivion - what I didn't know.

I am lonely - there is no one beside me

Just the facade of friends

Ones who will disappear once they're done

Yeah they know my name

But they don't care about my worth

And now I know what I am

To them, that is

It's funny, right?


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