The Secret Life of a Snowman

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little girl named Kaitlyn is fully convinced that her Christmas bedtime story is true and that her snowman will get his happily ever after one way or another. Her snowman has a long way to go,
and makes some friends and enemies along the way.

The Secret Life of a SnowmanBy Bethel
“. . .And the magical snowmen lived with the father of christmas, and they lived happily ever after. The end. What a great story! Did you like it ,Kaitlyn?” asked her mother.
“Mommy! I want to meet the magical snowmans! Let’s go to the daddy of Christmas!” Kaitlyn said her eyes widened and full of years worth of wonder.
Kaitlyn was a five year old girl that believed in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Boogie Man, fairies of all sorts, and now she believes in magical snowmen!
“Sorry ,honey. But there is no such thing as a magical snowman. It’s just a story.” said Kaitlyn’s dad.
While Kaitlyn believed in every legend thats comes her way, her dad was quite the opposite.
“Fine, if you don’t believe me I’ll prove that they do exist!” and with that she was off to her room to fetch a thick jacket, gloves, and snow boots and stomped outside into the frigid air of Winter Valley[the only place in the world where it always snows]. This was going to be Kaitlyn’s very first white christmas. Her parents booked a cottage in Winter Valley for Kaitlyn’s christmas break.
She knew there was only one way to make sure her parents believed in what she knew was true- 
“I’m going to make my very first snowman.! And he”ll come to life at midnight on Christmas eve just like it said in the book!” 
Kaitlyn was half way through the front yard when her parents said”Now where are you going?”
“To prove that snowmen DON’Tmelt overnight!”
And with that she stomped to the park to build a snowman- a magical snowman..
“SQUEEE!!! I’m finally FINISHED!!! I’ll name you… GRAM!”Kaitlyn squealed excitedly.
“Kaitlyn, come inside, you’ve been out here for hours!”
“OK. Goodbye ,Gram. See you tomorrow!” 
  Chapter 2:
Snowcity [in Gram’s perspective]
“WOW! What is that?” said Gram;”And why are all the snowmen going to it?”
Gram watched in awe as the light grew brighter and brighter until he was suddenly staring at an eternal whiteness. Until he realized he was looking at the sky.
“Woah. I’m not in Snowvalley anymore.” He turned to two nearby snowmen,one a boy the other a girl, and asked”Where are we? And how did we get here?” The snowmen looked quite surprised.
“Snowcity. I suppose you’re new here.. I am Snowillow and this is my brother.” Said the girl.
“I am Snowen. If you’re new you should go to Mayor Frost’s Ice Castle. It’s over there, up that hill. He’ll tell you everything, but right now the president’s coming to tell us how our makers are doing.” said the other.
“Who’s my maker and who’s the president?” Gram asked.
“The human-child that made you is your maker and the president is-”
“HO, HO, HO!” interrupted a very jolly voice coming from the clouds.
“President Claus!” all the snowmen exclaimed and cheered- all except for Gram.
He watched in awe as a sleigh carrying a big red bag, a man in a big red suit and a red Christmas hat, and driven by reindeer[one of which had a very bright red nose] landed creating a big THUMP!. President Claus emerged from the whiteness.
“Hello, and welcome to Snowcity. Where all snowmen live happily forever after.” Claus took off his hat and asked,”Now, who’s ready to see their makers on Christmas morning?” 
The crowd whooped and cheered. As the President’s hat released a slab of ice that hovered above the hat. It turned and spinned revealing colors faster and faster. As it did Santa’s eyes turned the same colors but when it finally stopped he looked worried. He pointed at Gram and said” Your maker is losing faith in you. I am terribly sorry but if your maker doesn’t believe in snowmen coming to life by midnight today, then…then…”
“Then what???” Gram asked.
“Then you will melt. Sadly, once you come into Snowcity there is no getting out.. Sorry, lad.” He put his hat back on and left.
“I have to get out of here and restore my maker’s faith in me!” Gram said “I have to leave Snowcity!” Just then Mayor Frost appeared in a puff of white smoke and snowflakes.
“Hello, Gram, I presume?” he asked.
“Yes. And I’m guessing you’re Mayor Frost.”
“Yes. But please. Come into my Office.” And with that Gram could see only white. Suddenly, he was in an ice castle. When he looked around he was in a room much like an office of glass or more likely ice.
“Mr. Frost. I need to get to my maker to restore her belief in me.”
“Let me make one thing perfectly clear for you, Gram. Nobody ever leaves Snowcity.”
“Because, it drains the magic from my Ice Cane which contains the magic of Snowcity. No magic, no Snow city.”
“Why can’t the snowmen live with their makers?”
“In the World of Humans[W.O.H]? Snowmen can’t be free there! It’s too warm for snowmen.”
“Not in Winter Valley! It always-”
“I’e heard enough.” Frost interrupted.”You are dismissed.”
Gram left and went to Snowillow and Snowen. They created a plan to get Gram to his maker.
It was 4:30 and their plan was set in motion. Step 1 was to distract Frost.
“Sir! There’s a maker in the bakery on the other side of town.!!!” lied snowillow.
“WHAT?! I’m on my way!” said Frost rushing out. Step 2 was to get the Ice Cane. So, Snowen and gram stole it from the office.
“Okay, so once I open this portal everyone in Snowcity will be with their makers.” Gram said,”Here goes nothing.” Gram could once again see only white. He looked around and saw all the snowmen with their makers. It had worked! He was back in Winter Valley! Gram turned around and saw a very familiar face.
She gave Gram a big, warm hug.” I knew you’d come back!”

Submitted: November 23, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Bethel101. All rights reserved.

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