The Blood Of Lambs: A Terrorist's Journey To Jesus Christ. (Part One)

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A man who used to kill people for a living has a dramatic life change. This is his story.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Never in a million years would I ever consider giving my heart to Jesus Christ.  Especially since ever since I can remember I have always been taught to hate and kill anybody who didn't believe in the way I did.  Yet that is exactly what happened to me.  I haven't been the same since.

I was born in a country in the Middle East (location and name not listed due to safety reasons; for if I dare list my name and where I live, I could be put to death by my family and fellow countrymen for doing what I did).  I was a zealous student of the Islamic faith and learned to believe and practice what was in the Holy Book the Q'uran.  I prayed upwards to five times a day and took my religion very seriously.  

In my land, we were taught to harm those who did not match the ideals of the Islamic faith; we saw them as the enemy.  Their lives did not matter and we were determined to wipe as many of them off the face of the earth as we could.  We did not have one ounce of compassion for anybody who was an infidel; to us, they were lower than the rats which ran wild in the streets; even a dog had more value.

But then, one day, whilst studying my Q'uran and praying to Allah, a man came to the door.  He did not seem afraid of us; he came right in and started talking to us, just as I am talking to you at this current time.  He was different somehow; he seemed happy, at peace; there appeared to be a glow around him; it truly puzzled and frightened me.  He was telling us about the god Christ; my family threatened to kill him; but something tugged at my heart, my mind; it was as if someone was telling me inside not to harm this gentleman.  It was really strange.

He seemed very kind hearted; but it puzzled me why he would even bother to talk with the likes of me and my friends/family, people who didn't think twice of murdering others who did not follow the Q'uran or believe as we did.  If you ask me, the man was a fool: he was putting his very life on the line, yet did not show even one ounce of fear.

This particular individual talked to us not once, but several times in the following weeks; yet each time, this same inner voice begged us not to kill him; but to listen to him, as he had something important to say.  Which is what we did.

He talked to us about Jesus and His ministry of love and healing, and that He loved even those who persecuted against him and those who would end up killing Him by nailing Him to a cross.  It did not make any sense whatsoever; yet somehow, this man knew what he was talking about and meant every word he said.  How could He, this Jesus, love someone like yours truly, a man known to have killed innocent men, women, even babies and children, just because they were not of the Islamic faith or believed as we did?  Yet He did, and I could feel a squeezing sensation in my heart and in the pit of my stomach; it was as if Jesus, Himself, was drawing me to Him, telling me to confess my sins and ask for His forgiveness.

I started weeping in spite of myself; I felt horrible for what I had done or believed all these years.  I was a monster, a murderer, a follower of a fake religion that did not preach love or peace.  I had been lied to all these years, and I felt that I had to make amends to the families of those I and others had murdered in cold blood and ask for their forgiveness.  But most of all, I had to make peace with myself and forgive myself for all the treacherous things I had done over the years.

*End of part one!*

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