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Everyone has the face they show to the world and then the face that they keep hidden from themselves. The face that shows a piece of their true self. If you're lucky, they'll reveal who they truly are. But what about the face that even that someone chooses to deny, to avoid? What about their true colors?

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



I see two of me. Every time I look in the mirror, I see two of me.

The face that I show everyone and the face that I hide with me. It's my only secret, really - the things I do alone. The things that I let no one else see. 

It's a world where you trust no one, not even yourself because you begin to believe the lie that you masquerade. It's terrible that you've never seen my smile, heard my laugh, or realized that I'd loved you from the beginning. But it's too late, because someone else has taken that place.

He doesn't love you though. He loves himself. When he looks in the mirror, his secret whispers deathly ideas - ideas that only save himself. But you want to believe that the face he shows you is the one that is real. Just like your desire to love him is fueled by fear and loneliness. Exactly how you hope I'm not secretly pining for you in my sleep.

If only I could show who I was so that you'd see me for me. But once I do that, you'll see far uglier things - things that I wish to keep hidden for a moment longer. Hoping that you'll never truly see how dark my thoughts are.

I wish I could say that they are only filled of you. But you are hardly the first priority. They run deeper than that - a sickly sweet sense of loyalty to a desire that I hardly knew I had.

When I look in the mirror, there are not two of me.

No, there is another face lurking in the shadows, unveiled only to my subconcious. Unbeknownst to everyone - you have three faces, not two. 

There is the one that you hide behind. The one that everyone wants to believes is true but secretly knows isn't. 

Then the one that you show to yourself, the one that you wake up and realize is still you. You haven't changed. You're still a failure.

And then there's the one that you avoid - the one that holds your deepest darkest desires, secrets, and fears. The one that you deny. The one that you tell yourself isn't real because it's impossible.

The only true monster in your dreams.

That third face is the one that you suffocate with lies so that it doesn't surface. Some people never fully meet their third face. Their resolves are too strong and their consciousness too weak.

And then there are other ones that face the third everyday battling for dominance. And of those - there are the losers. Your murderers, the crazies, the robbers, the downright greedy.

But there is only one that you should be truly afraid of - a rare type of breed.

They don't surface easily but when they do, you don't notice. In fact, you ignore them. They are great actors and even stronger people. It's the one you don't suspect that you should be afraid of.

That boy who bullies every kid on the block - he'll grow up to be the next bum or a CEO. Who cares? It's the kid who doesn't share your views - always quiet, watching.

Never acting.

He's not observing for fun. He's not unsociable or weird. He's contemplating the best time to show his third face. You'll let him into your heart, your life, your home. And then when you least expect it...

He'll introduce himself as an acquaintance and you'll realize the truth that you gave him everything. And you'll be helpless.

You're right where he wants you. And there will be no point in screaming because he would have taken care of that. 

You sit down. Realization. You didn't live long enough. Blah. Blah. Blah.

But it'll be his eyes that captivate you. Why didn't you realize sooner? The fear - the anguish. The white knuckles. But he doesn't really see you. Just a face.

One that he's going to destroy.

And in this moment, there's only one good reaction


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