Like a Man

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In a world of hate, discrimination, and war, someone needs to take a stand... It's time for women to rise to the task, to take charge, to enlighten - who am I kidding? Yes, equality is very important but the way some women (back off, I'm a woman as well) have gone about it seems less than helpful...

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



I can do it like him. I'm strong like him. Don't discriminate against me.

Good Lord, I can hold my own door and you can go first as well. Stop being nice to me. I'm not weak. 

I can work as hard and as long as you. I can strive for greatness without my assets - let my brain show you my power.

I don't have to argue. I'm not always right. And you can hang out with your female friends.

I trust you. I'll follow you. But  I expect the same.

I earn respect like you do and I deserve to be treated as your equal.

I hope you understand that I am not a disability. I am a human being. We're all equals here.

You want me to what? Help you carry boxes? Lol. That's a man's job.

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