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A man trying to get off the streets shares his story.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



My name's Jonesy.  Never mind my first name; just call me Jonesy and leave it at that.

I live on the streets here in Fort Worth, Texas, where I call home; made some bad choices in life and now I'm payin' the fiddler, as they say.  Trying to get myself grounded, but it's hard; nobody wants to hire me 'cause I don't have a permanent address, let alone, a place to stay, let alone, a working vehicle.  It is very frustrating, but I am willing to try all I can to try to better myself and my current situation.

I know I screwed up; don't have to tell me that twice.  I feel bad for all that I have done and for the people I've hurt along the way.  But I am trying; don't judge me 'less you've walked my path.

I wonder if my own family even thinks of me, let alone, worries about me and what I am doing.  Some of 'em probably don't know that I am homeless, let alone, alive; they probably think I'm lyin' dead in the street somewheres.  But kinda hard to call when one doesn't have a phone; thank God for the Internet, which is how I'm doin' this (at the local library, long as someone doesn't get offended by my stink and kick me outta here).  Maybe someone in my immediate family will see this and try to help; that is my biggest prayer that I have right now.

I have been looking for work, but again, nobody wants me.  No car, no experience (or very little, rather), no address .... the triplet roadblocks between me and the penthouse, y'know??  It's very frustrating, if y'all ask me.

But again, I am determined.  Doggedly, determindly so.  I don't give up that easily; I'm just like my daddy, in that regard.  My daddy was a hard-nosed sumbitch, and I can be the same way.  Just like him, in temperament.  I am bound and willing to better my lot in life, and I am not about to start kissing the pavement in defeat.  I have my name to uphold, and God knows I will keep on begging and trying to make up for all the mistakes I've made these years I've been callin' the streets of downtown Cowtown, Fort Worth, Texas, home.

Just keep me in your prayers and thoughts, if y'all don't mind.  Any and all prayers are greatly needed and appreciated; I sure could use God's help 'cause most people, they don't want to be bothered by the likes of me.  To them I'm nothin' but a bum, a panhandler, a nobody.  And I know I have somethin' to offer if someone'll give me a chance.  That's all I ask for: a chance.  A chance to redeem myself and make good of my life.

Well, gonna go; someone wants to use the computer and from the looks of things, that person looks like he wants to have me kicked out.  Sigh.  Same old story.  People see/smell me, and they want to toss me out on my rearend.  Sad .... I'm a person too, just like they are; I deserve far better than what I've been getting out of life!  Take care and God bless! This is your new friend, Jonesy, signing outta here!


*End of part one!*

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