Nothing but eternity

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Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



I stood by you till the end

I never imagined that you'd send

Me to bring her down the aisle

Putting me aside

I could never care less

For the mistress

For my heart belongs

To you alone

You asked me to be her main maid

How could I say no to your plea

And that too when you said

You feel good only with me

Why have the winds changed

When you always had said

That forever is me you'd be with

In life until death

Then why did you pick her

Tell me now

What's so special

Thats so rare

I've always loved dearly

I've always cared truly

But I'm now cut ruthlessly

This can't be fate as all see

You ran to my aid

When I fled

Tell me why

Do you still care

More than the one

That stood with a ring in hand

More than the bride

Why did you hide

Your true love all along

Guess you were scared

Just as i was

Looks like I was wrong

As I've always wondered

How could you not see that it is me

For now nothing can part us but eternity

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