Where Did You Go?

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just a short story i wrote for class two semesters ago, i hope you enjoy it and i am trying to become a novelist so any help and feedback would gladly accepted :)

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



“Where did you go?” A questions I always ask myself for from morning to night, I have always watched after you. Then one day when I wasn’t looking and you were gone, and since that day I have been searching high and low for you.

 I would look for you at all your favorite spots. The first place I went was the park where we would play ball and where you would yell at me because my loud voice would disturb all the adults and their kids who were playing on the jungle gym.

Then I searched for you in the nearby woods, where we would go for our daily walks in hope that you might be hiding behind a tree or maybe you had got bitten by a snake like that time when you took a snake bite for me. I remember how scared I was at the snake and kept yelling at it to go away but I didn’t faze it and it lunged at me. Out fear I closed my eyes and when I opened them you were standing there in front of me with the snake biting into your arm. Luckily it wasn’t deadly poisonous and you were just fine. I felt so bad that it happened that I wouldn’t come near you for a while thinking you hated. But you didn’t and I was glad because you are my whole world.

I even checked the school’s sports field where we’d go running on the track. You were always training trying to get faster in hopes of one day running a marathon. Sometimes I would join you and other times I would watch you on the sidelines too lazy to even move.

After a while I gave up searching for you in our hometown and decided to travel to many parts of the world where I knew you wanted to go. It was a difficult journey, I didn’t have the money for trains or planes and in fact some people thought I was homeless and took me to some shelters but I usually managed to escape. No one could stop my journey for finding you.

I decided to rest under a tree in a park in a town I was visiting; that’s when I saw her, a girl that looked almost like you and I couldn’t help my excitement and bolted to her but as I ran closer I noticed it wasn’t you. After that I grew really depressed but knew I couldn’t give up. You were out there somewhere. Even if I knew that I would grow tired and weak I couldn’t give up because you never gave up on me when everyone else did.

It was a cold and stormy day when we met. I remember I was shivering really bad and I was so young at the time that if you hadn’t come along with your peach-colored umbrella and a warm blanket I probably would’ve frozen to death. You took me into your arms and held me tight until I stopped shivering and then you took me home and gave me some food and something warm to drink. For the first time I had a roof over my head and warm bed to sleep in.

You were my very first friend and according to you, I was your first friend too. I remember how you once told me that you wanted to take your own life because you had enough of the pain from the kids at school. But you also told me that it was because of me and your parents that you kept fighting the urge to give up on yourself.

“Please just give me a sign that you’re okay.” I would pray every night to the moon that shone down upon me.

I lost track of time of how long I kept searching for you but I could tell that I wouldn’t be able to search any longer. My body was finally feeling the pressure of all the traveling I’ve done and I even though I didn’t want to, I knew that I needed to return home and rest for a while before I started my search for you again.

When I returned to our town I noticed signs posted everywhere about a missing a dog; I guess he’s been missing for quite a while. This town seemed only to bring people together and then suddenly rip them apart just like the owner and their dog… just like you and I.

I finally made it home and could tell something was wrong. The entire front yard was covered in oak leaves. Normally your dad would have raked them and thrown them out but then again. Maybe he left them so you can jump in them when you return. I continued to walk to the door thinking about what I would say to your family how I couldn’t find you anywhere. I was afraid they would be mad for showing up without you.

“Poor thing, maybe we should let him know.”, I heard someone a man whisper to his friend.

“No, just let him be. I’m sure he’s found a new family and is just visiting his old home.” The woman spoke.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, can’t believe he returned though, but if I heard correctly then he went missing just days before the murder took place.” He said just staring at me.

“That poor family seems like that house cursed them and now the only survivor finally makes his return. I just hope the house doesn’t claim him next.”  The woman sadly spoke as she lifted her right leg to not put much pressure on it.

“Is your heel starting to hurt you again? Come on let’s get you home so you can rest it.” He said as he leaned over to offer his shoulder to her so she can use it to help support her right leg.

“Yeah, this damn plantar fasciitis always ruining our morning walks. Take care pal I hope you find your forever home soon and don’t let the cursed house take you.” She yelled to me as they starting walking.

I had no idea what they were talking about and I didn’t care I decided that I would give it one more shot maybe you came back home and are out shopping with your friends or maybe you went to visit your grandma even though she passed away a few months ago. Even though my body was ready to give up on me, my spirit wouldn’t let me give up until I found you.

I keep running and yelling your name but you never did reply and I was only growing more tired that I didn’t even think I would make it home. I was left with no other choice but to return home and face your family without you by my side. I wish you would’ve taken me with you when you left, so then I wouldn’t have had to wonder where you went.  

Eventually I returned home hoping to find you in your bedroom sleeping on the bed. However, upon my return to home, I looked in the bedroom but you weren't there and I laid in the bed with the sheets still made from when you vanished and that’s when I remembered everything. You boarded the train on a rainy day heading to a new adventure but the train got into an accident and you were gone. I couldn’t believe it, our family was distraught over everything and so I thought if I found you then it wouldn’t be true and everything would return to normal and that’s how I became the runaway dog who searched for you, the lost girl.

I laid on our bed and couldn’t fight back the tears as life was no longer the same, you were gone and so was our family. I was alone but I wouldn’t be for long because when I closed my eyes I woke up under our favorite tree with my head on your lap and could feel your hand brushing my hair.

I almost forgot how great and soft your hands were. I then heard mom and dad calling for us and we ran over to them. They greeted us while they unfolded a blanket and started putting food down. Everyone’s laughter was something I had missed so much but now I can hear it all the time because I’m finally home right where I belong.



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