Forgetting you

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Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Falling back from what was important,

Selfish love that was always unrewarding,

Maybe the worst I'd ever felt,

Each tear on yourshoulder was a cry for help. 


It's a step to forgetting.

But sometimes a loss of love is a blessing.


Never thought I'd meet someone that would make me feel the way you made me feel

Butterflies in my stomach turned to knots when things got real.

Middle finger to this life lesson I got to learn

Fire love once extiguished leaves a pretty bad burn

Remember when you begged me "saying don't leave me"

Kept my promise you took my heart and you kept the key

I'm left with nothing but reasons

Your feelings changed like the seasons.


It's a step to forgetting

But sometimes a loss of love is a blessing


You went out creeping

While I was upstairs sleeping

I hate you, I hate you, that's what I've been telling him

Hate you for lying about all the things we never could have been

I say it to feel a little better

Want to send you a fuck you letter

Told me you cheated before but you also told me peole can change

Holding guns to my heart at a lethal range

It's not fair I gave you the world and then some more

Still asking what I was even in it for 


It's a step to forgetting

But sometime a loss of love is a blessing



Every single one of your calls I started hitting ignore

Wondering what the fuck you even needed me for

When you were busy calling them

I was crying to my friends

Loving you so hard I seen past the bad

Trying to get my life back together so I wasn't as sad

But I meet you on the wrong side of life

You were cheating but still you wanted me to be your wife

That's not fucking right

Every minute I was about the cry

Hope you know your the reason why

Your the one that's on my mind and it sucks cause I don't want you here

Not worried fuck you, hope I made it clear

Sipping liquor with a slice of lime

getting fucked up all the time


It's a step to forgetting

Losing your love was a blessing

Doing things behind my back and never confessing


Said your a nice guy and I was blind to it

If you knew you were a cheater you should have never commit

Telling me that losing me was never your plan

Telling me I made you feel like a better man

Someone you were happy to look at in the mirror

You lies became apparent became clearer

I just wanted to sleep but when I slept I seen his face

Waking up to remember the space

The space you used to sleep in my arms

But with a love so fake how did I not hear the alarms


You were worth forgetting

Got over the regretting

Got told what you couldnt confess and 

and so your done,

 and I'm done 

Can't wait till I find the real one.





















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