Mom and Wife at 16

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A story about a lost girl, searching for love in all the wrong places. She gets pregnant at 16 and marries her first love. A fairy tale ending with a twist. Based on my life.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



June 27, 2017


Chapter 1

Some may say, you are a teen when you turn 13. Having a sister five years older than I am, turned me into a teen at ten. I wanted to do everything she did. She was my role model at the time. Whenever she would go out, I would want to tag along with her and her friends. I had my own friends, but they were not as interesting as my sister and her friends were. My friends played with stuffed animals and dolls and as much as I liked those things too, what my sister was interested in was more appealing. So, I gave all that up to fit in with the 15-year old’s around me.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into since boys was not a conversation given in my home. Neither was being a young lady that respected herself. All of that was supposed to be magically inputted into our heads. The only time my mother ever talked to me about boys was when she would tell me I was not allowed to date. My dad wasn’t around to tell me or show me what I needed to look for in a guy. Or, what a good guy looks for in a girl. He honestly wasn’t around to teach me anything. It was up to me to find all of that out, which did not end well.

Being the confused pre-teen I was, I started to date boys just as confused as me. They were always looking to become a man at the wrong age. I had enough common sense in me to know not to give up the treasure before it was time to. I taught myself that. My body was the first thing they would see.

My sister’s boyfriend had a friend around my age that wanted to meet me. I was pretty excited since no one was ever interested in me that way. I would talk to him on the phone anytime he would be able to. He sounded like he really liked me and I felt the same way. When it was finally time to meet up, I felt way too nervous and I wanted to back away. I was only ten years old. What did I know about having a boyfriend? I never even kissed a boy before. We went to my cousin’s house that lived in the same neighborhood as my sister’s boyfriend and his friend. My sister and I waited for a text from them saying they were around. The time came to meet them and I wanted to puke. I knew he wasn’t going to like me once he saw in person. I wasn’t the prettiest flower in the garden.

We were practically dragged to each other so that we can meet. My sister and her boyfriend put us in a hallway so we can get to know each other in person. That ended quickly when he decided he wanted more than to talk. When he asked me for a kiss I got queasy. I never kissed anyone before and I had no clue what I was doing. He leaned over and I can see his mouth opening. I mimicked him and hoped for the best. I felt his tongue inside my mouth moving around. It felt so wrong but I thought that kissing was supposed to be this way so I needed to get used to it. That was the day I had my first and worst kiss. That “relationship” ended in tears, confusion, and even more insecurities. It opened a part of me that was not supposed to open for a while. A part of me that will destroy my innocence.

Once I got over my first boyfriend/crush, I sought out to find someone that will respect me for me. I was tired of boys not appreciating the love I had to offer. I wanted someone to love me in a way I have never felt. I never knew that all tied down to my daddy issues until now. The older guys started to be more attracting to me. At the time, social media started to become a big thing, it was easier to get a hold of them without them seeing who I really was. A 12-year-old girl that had no idea what she was getting into. I never looked my age before so it was easy lying my age.

I thought an older guy would be more mature and intelligent than the ones I had in my class. I wanted someone that knew exactly what he wanted, a woman to love forever until the end of time. But, I later found out that all the ones surrounding me were just as immature as the boys were.

It was a normal summer midnight at home. My cousin wanted to head out to Walmart to get some snacks and walk around like we always did. I went to my mom’s room quietly to ask her if I can tag along with him. She was awake this time which surprised me because she was normally sleeping. I still asked her and she let me go if I buy her a bag of popcorn. I went to get ready when my neighbor called me to talk. I asked if he wanted to come with us to Wal-Mart and since he was always down for anything he said yes. This was supposed to be the usual Wal-Mart trip we would take when we were bored out of our minds. Little did I know, I was going to be in the same room as my future husband.

To Be Continued....

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