Eternal time

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The story revolves around a man named pheins who underwent a terrible car accident and was sent back in time. Note: story was written and illustrated by a 16 year old and can contain fatal errors ^.^

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Time is a thing we all are under at all times. Its a thing that is most important to us but we can not touch or see it in any we. We are always with contact with it but we can not feel it either. Future, present and past are all fragments of time. Past remains in our memories, present in our touch and future lies somewhere in our imagination. From the start of human race, we have always dreamed of being able to move in these fragments however, that is not possible with our current knowledge and technology but, we keep on trying. Every time we fail... But, failing is a thousand times better than half success when we do experiments in time that is because, half success causes fluctuations in time that can be so small that u can not notice them or so big that whole universe is at stake. A seedling today can be a forest tomorrow. One such fluctuation happened in these fragments of time. Year 2059, A guy named pheins was victim of a car accident. He survived the accident but lost his half body. Right side of his body was completely crushed, the doctors, even though had great technology and knowledge, told that Pheins survival is almost impossible. A distant relative of pheins worked in a time machine research center. They were looking for there next test subject, a human. They had tested there time travels on various objects both alive and dead. They sometimes succeed and other times failed. The only way of survival for Pheins was that his memories traveled in past and stopped this accident from happening. They decided that they should at least, take a chance even if it is blur. Pheins was bought to research center and the experiment started. As soon as experiment started Lighting bolts traveled through air and the smell of ozone traveled through air. His memories traveled through time, from present than to present some years ago. Year 2019, pheins was 15 years old, His phone rang (which was quite unusual). As soon as he received his phone, he received a great jerk of lighting. Suddenly, everything turned pitch black. He was unable to move, darkness carved his body. He wanted to scream with all his might but he was not able to scream as if he was in vacuum but he was breathing. The sensation of fear bought tears in his eyes. Slowly, colors came back to the world. He gulped and said, where am i?....Who am i?... Suddenly, great fear carved in his mind, he screamed. Accident!, he said. This body?.. He asked. Why am i small again!?, he thought. He looked around to find out that no one was on the street.... It was empty. He quickly rushed towards his home from his childhood. On his way, tears fell from his eyes, he thought, "Will my mother be there?".... He ran and ran. When he reached home, What he saw was an empty house. he asked, "what is going on?. Is this a dream?. It has to be. waking up as a child in an empty world. It can't be real no matter how u look at it. Hahahaha. It has to be a dream." He said as he concealed himself. Time slowed down. He noticed that every dead thing was slow. No living thing exists. Not only humans but insect and birds were also not there. Days passed, He didn't woke up. He didn't got hungry. All his desires were slowly dying. Every thing that living thing has was slowly vanishing from him. Nothing made his sad.. Nothing made him happy. He lightly said, "Maybe picking up that phone was a mistake". Months passed, still no change was found in him except of a change in his feelings. He was now even more inhuman. Nothing made him flinch. What could?. A boy away from all. Living in dead. Dying light. All his desires died. He found a new one, He desired his death. He climbed on top of a roof and jumped from it. As soon as he struck the floor, he woke up. He saw himself on that day, the phone was on his ear. He looked around. No one was around him. Tears fell from his eyes after many months that seemed like decades. He tried to commit suicide for 10 more times.. Every time, the same day repeated. He screamed and said, "THIS IS UNFAIR!! WHY CAN'T I DIE? IS THIS THE RESULT OF MY SINS? WHY?". The truth was that... the reality rejected him. He had memories which no one else had so reality rejected him. He was cut off. Time stopped for him. Everyone forgot. Every single guy living in reality forgot his existence after the day on which he picked up his phone. In 2059, the experiment which destroyed his life didn't even occurred. The guys who were crying on his death like situation were back on there everyday routine. No one died. No one cried. No one even knew him.

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