The Grip Of Nature

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Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Chapter 1 
Nature is what we need, what we relied on, there is nothing but live in harmony with Mother Nature and wait for happy deeds” 
“No!” Ethan said. “That is completely wrong!”  
Mr. Snoch looked at Ethan, his mind filled with questions. “What makes you said such words, Ethan?” 
“Nothing, but I sure to say we don’t rely on Mother Nature.” he replied. 
Ethan stood up, look around the class as if he was looking for proof to show Mr. Snoch that humans don’t rely too much on nature. Right at that moment, the bell rang, signaling that the school day is over. 
“Do you think we rely on nature, Henry?” Ethan asked. “I think we don’t rely that much on nature.” At that moment, Ethan felt Mr. Snoch’s arm on his shoulders. 
“Whats wrong? Am I getting detention for that? I don’t deserve it!” Ethan said with a scared voice. 
“No, I am going to take you home, you naughty!” exclaimed Mr. Snoch. “Your mother asked me to because she is going out for the weekend” 
Ethan and his hated teacher get on the car. The car drifts away from the school into the sunset. Halfway through the dirt road along the forest, Ethan is shocked by a sudden stop. “Can’t you drive a little bit more careful, please?” said Ethan, still hyperventilating. 
“No, it is not the problem, the dead engine is the real problem you need to care about.” 
“What? Are we stuck in the wild? Do you know what thing is in this forest? There may even be some wolfs!” 
The leaves rustling and flying everywhere, there is a dim sunlight in the horizon revealed that they might spend the entire night in the wild, with literally no supplies or food. The images popped up in Ethan’s head made him very angry and scared. He thinks of all kinds of terrible things that could happen at any second now. 
“What are we going to do now? Die here?” shouted Ethan. “Noooooo! I don’t want to die!” scream Ethan but it seems that no one cares or hear it. 
The sun slipped down the horizon, leaves behind lonely Ethan and Mr. Snoch with the Moon and the night sky full of stars…
Chapter 2 
“This is the time to test our sayings,” Mr. Snoch said. “You are happy now? Do you know that you will die?” 
“No, Mother Nature will care for us” 
Mr. Snoch takes out a book he called Wild Books. He wrote the first page in it, saying: 
“Today, we are left in the lonely forest. The modern lifestyles have made us evil and careless about nature. We are here today to see the marvelous, fantastic experience nature offers. The sounds of birds, rustling leaves of fall, sunlight of spring, the breeze of summer and the snow of winter…
In the hands of nature 
The strong lives, the weak perish 
In the snow of winter 
The warm we love, the cold we hate 
The mist, the rain of nature 
Is nothing but a treasure possessions” 
After done writing, Mr. Snoch begins to feel hungry while Ethan thinks he is going to starve. Mr. Snoch then pull out a book called “Foods In The Wild” 
“What? A journal again?” shouted Ethan. “No, we are going to collect some food.” 
After that, the pair head into the deep forest to find some berries, plants, mushrooms. They found a lot. They actually think they were the best food collector to have ever lived. With the tasty food in their belly, they set out to find a smooth patch of grass to lie their backs on. 
“All of this, just because your car, I wonder if I am home, what would I do now?” asked Ethan 
“Maybe you will watch TV” 
They soon fell asleep, part from the collecting food, part from they have never had such realistic experiences. The night falls down, bringing light, sounds. The water dropping from the cavern can now be heard. The silence of the night is enough to make anyone shiver. 
At dawn, a deer wandered through the bushes, which sounds wakes both Ethan and Mr. Snoch. ‘Did you hear that?” asked Mr. Snoch “Yes, of course! I think something terrible is coming!” 
Mr. Snoch grabs from his pack a sharp knife and waited silently. Then the deer came out, giving both Ethan and Mr. Snoch a relief. 
“Oh my gosh! Have you a knife in your pack? I was right! You are bad!” Ethan said in a low voice.
“No, it is used for times like this.” Mr. Snoch replied. “Without it, you may be dead by now if that was a wolf.” 
They waited silently for the sun to rise. It is the longest time Ethan ever felt and waited. He seems that it would take forever for the sun to rise upon the horizon. Then it rises, Ethan has never felt any emotions like this. He looks at the breathtaking scenery of the sunrise and thinks of a day, with a sunrise like this, he would be out of the forest and heading back to his normal life. That wouldn’t seem very long considering his situation now. They are now fit and sated enough to find a way out of the big forest that encloses them. 
“Sorry to say this but please, Ethan, don’t raise your hope just yet. We still need to scout first, you will get lost if you don’t.” Mr. Snoch warned. 
“Yeah yeah, I get it, long time, ok?”

Chapter 3
As the sun rises above head, they scout the forest for caves, passages, etc… They feel hopeless and lost in the mist and the mystery of the strange forest. The animal sounds, water dripping… sends a chill to their spine. 
“Hey, are you lost?” a strange voice sounded behind them. 
“What is that voice?” Ethan now looked back. 
A tall man, middle-aged, is now smiling at them. He looked at them with a grim and mysterious smile and makes them chill even more. 
“I assumed you are lost, I can help you find a way out of this forest” he offered. 
Then he took out a map showing the directions out of the forest, the tips and passageways,… plants, dangerous spots… He warned: “You may seem this is a normal forest, but the danger it holds is unknown to your common and impure knowledge, be warned, I am not responsible for any harm you do.” he said. 
“Ok, ok,” said Mr. Snoch. “So we are going outta here!” 
Chapter 4 
On their way of getting out of the thick forest, Mr. Snoch wrote in his journal the following lines: 
“The relief we get today when we met a tall man and he offers us a map to get out of the forest. There is light. There is hope. Hope for the future we will get out of this dreadful forest. I will remember the sunrise, sunset, the wonderful sounds and experiences of this forest. The mist, the wind, everything seems too good to be true. May we rest upon the hand of nature. We will return. We will be back. Expect us.
If you look closely into the heart, the hardened stone of nature, you will find ye heart and mind.” 
“Wow, I think I see the exit of the forest! I think we are going out!” exclaimed Ethan in a happy voice. 
“You might want to see this.” Mr. Snoch said. 
When he said, a pack of wolf approaches and growl in a low tune sound. 
“Grab your knife! Quick! I don’t want to be dinner!” Ethan yelled. 
“This is not dinner, it is breakfast!” 
Mr. Snoch grabs his knife and stabs one of the wolves. It jumped back into the pack. Mr. Snoch keeps the wolfs at bay while Ethan runs back and take cover on the rocks. 
“Run now!” Mr. Snoch shouted while he keeps the wolves back. 
“You must run too!” replied Ethan. 
“No. Neither of us was right. Not we nor nature prevails. We have to rely on each other. Now, run!” 
Ethan ran as fast as he could from the forest, leaving Mr. Snoch behind. He goodbye Ethan by giving him a smile, Ethan will remember that moment. 
Chapter 5 
After he ran out of the forest, there was a deafening silence from the forest. No sound, nothing. 
“I should have believed him” muttered Ethan. 
“He is indeed a good man.” 
Ethan takes out Mr. Snoch’s journal and wrote: 
“We have fought against the hand of nature. Brave men lie down to accomplish what they want to do. Nature is a monster with a conscience. May we prevail.
Good men die, but they will be honored 
They lie in the layer of nature 
Someone who falls to help other 
May they be remembered for eternity.”

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