riding the whitewash

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sucked in and spat out of a cult.

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



The tumble and turn of whitewash is a reflection of my life the past 3 months. Appointment booked in for mental health, did you expect that?. After I had finished I received a txt message of an old friend who is a shaman, would you expect that after growing up in a hippie commune?. He replied to a old message. A message of guidance and ask. One would not think it's a coincidence after hearing something from a lover of one year until after. " I can't handle this right now, I will be moving tomorrow back home to sort myself out". Several days later over txt message. " I can't be with you anymore". It felt great to get dumped over a fucking txt message. So days went and emotion went and she wanted me back. Of course I would go back but she asked for something prior. An ask for if we were to get back together you are having to quit your job, your band, your friends and moving 8 hours drive from the closest city. Oh and you have to go on a 4 night 5 day shaman healing in the middle of the bush, no electricity no fire and only with one person. So of course I agreed because I loved this girl so much. 


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