Sora's Fantasy pt. 1

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Sora's friends make a game similar to her fantasies, but when this game glitches out, what will happen?

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Sora wakes up in her pastel blue room under her warm sheets and yawns, she then looks at the time on her phone, then stretches. It's six in the morning and she gets up and brushes her teeth. When she is done brushing her teeth, she hears her mom calling her down for breakfast. "Let me get ready first, mom!" She calls down to her mother, who is waiting for her with pancakes and yogurt downstairs. Sora changes into a baby blue dress that goes down to her knees and then brushes her hair then puts two braids going to the back of her head connected by a little purple bow in the back. She heads downstairs and sits down at the table for breakfast. Her mom sets down a plate of pancakes and pours some syrup on it. "Would you like some yogurt?" Her mom asks. "Yes, please!" Sora replies happily. "Great, because I already put some fruit from the garden into some yogurt for you." Her mom tells her. "Blueberries and raspberries?" Sora asks excitedly. "Yep, your favorite!" Her mom tells her. Sora quickly eats her pancakes and then eats her yogurt. "Mmmm!" Sora says. "This fruit is so good mom!" "you're right! I should have put them in the pancakes!" Her mom exclaims while eating a strawberry. Sora puts her dishes in the sink and rinses syrup off of her face. She dries off her face then puts on some blush and lip gloss. "I'm going to go to school a little early today, mom. I promised Emma and Alex I'd go to school early to help them with a video game we're making. "that's nice, sweetie. Have a good day at school today, and stay safe." "I will mom." Sora says and runs off, grabbing her book bag on the way out. She rushes to school, which is about a minute away, and into her homeroom. She then sees Emma and Alex badly drawing a character on a sheet of paper.
"Hey guys." She says softly and sits down. "Oh. I see your working on a character, can I help?" Sora asks sweetly. "well, yeah you are the artist for the characters, after all, Sora." Alex says. "Oh, I forgot to ask, what kind of game are you two making?" Sora asks. "We, Sora, we're doing this together, but we decided it's going to be something that went wrong and caused certain humans to be part animal. We haven't decided what, exactly yet, but we decided that if a person became part of an animal that's aggressive he or she will become aggressive, too!" Emma says excitedly. "wow, you too, you really are exited for this game." Sora replies in a calm voice. "You aren't exited too?" Alex asks, with a slight frown. "Of course i'm a little exited, but I cant really help with anything other then character designs, since I can't code." Sora says, sadly. "Oh come on! you also design the world and almost everything! all we do is code, your a big help. plus, you can help with the storyline and stuff like that." Emma says, while trying to motivate Sora. "I agree, Sora, you are a huge help and if you think about it the way me and Emma do, you are doing most of the work." Alex says, also trying to motivate Sora, but also feeling guilty for not noticing Sora's sadness. Alex has known Sora almost all her life, and they had only met Emma this month. "I guess I have been paying more attention to Emma then Sora and haven't noticed her quietness, she has always spoken soft and quietly, but she would always speak a lot." Alex thinks to himself.  "Yeah, I guess your right... the truth is, I feel like this project is something you two should be working on by yourselves, since it was your idea, I don't really want to intrude." Sora says sadly, while avoiding eye contact. She realizes Alex probably notices her sadness but accepts the fact that he's probably to caught up in the game to worry about it much. "No! That isn't it! trust me, if you don't believe me, the main character is based off of you. It was Alex's idea. We decided since we wanted her to be a calm, sweet, and quiet person, we would base her off of you!" Emma says enthusiastically, and Sora's cheeks turn pink. "That's sweet of you two but really, that isn't needed. Since you need me to draw the stuff for the game in for you, I'll stick around for now." The bell rings and they move back to their own seats. Classmates start flooding in and the teacher starts reviewing some stuff for an upcoming test. In the middle of class Sora's phone buzzes. She quickly checks it and it's Alex. She reads it and it says, "I need to talk to you after school, meet me at the park just a few minutes from here, alright?" "I wonder what that's all about." she wonders.

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