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Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017




Vizag, 2015

From: Placement Officer, AUCE


Dear students,

In view of the Campus Placement Drive for M/s Infosys scheduled on 25th and 27th September 2015, the eligible students are informed to report at the Y.V.S Murthy Auditorium on 25th September, 2015 at 8:30 AM  sharp. The list of eligible students prepared by the placement office as per the requirements of the M/s Infosys is attached this mail.

Read the instructions and maintain the time and dress code……….


“Dude! You received the mail?” asked Ramesh as soon as he entered the room. Ramesh is my roommate.  

“Yeah!” I replied.

“What happened? You look so nervous!” asked Ramesh with a weird expression on his face.

“No..nothing,” I slurred.

“Dude, you are worried about this placement, right?”

 “Uh..yeah, a bit,” my words slurring again.

“Just clear the test and you are through. And by the way, you have cleared the wipro test, and I think this is not going to be tough for you,” Ramesh gave me a quick reply.


“All the best and prepare well,” wished Ramesh and left the room.


October 1st, 2015

That was the day of results. I could see only one expression in everybody’s faces in the placement office: nervousness. The list of selected candidates was placed on the notice board. There were so many people verifying their names on the notice board. The wipro and Infosys results were both declared at once. I could see people celebrating, once they saw their name on the notice board.

Just then, when I was about to go near the notice board, I got a phone call from Ranjith.

“Dude! Sandeep you are selected for Infosys. I saw your name on the list,”

“Are you sure?” I enquired, unable to believe what I was hearing.

“Yes. I have seen your name. Sandeep Sharma. 4/4 Computer Science. Congratulations bro and you owe me a party”

“ Yeah! Sure. And thanks man!” was the only thing I could say.  I was very happy for hearing that.

Later I found out that only five out of fourty six in our class were placed. Three of them have been selected for both the companies and two have been selected only for Infosys. All the four were deserved candidates. Everybody had expectations on them. But I was the only exceptional case. Nobody has ever thought that I was going to get a job. All my classmates have prepared for more than four months and I prepared only for a month. Even I didn’t expect that I was going to get a job. I felt very happy for the result. But life has some other plans for me.


24th February 2016

This was another day of results. The supplementary results were about to release  today. “Tu pass hoga yaar. Tension na le,” this is what I kept telling myself all day. I told you life has exactly opposite plans for what I was thinking.

Results were posted online. I entered my roll number to verify my results. The results were like this.

Microprocessors 2 -F

Operating Systems -D

I entered my roll number thrice, not able to believe exactly what has happened. That was really terrifying. I failed again. I need to clear this to get into Infosys. 

The next day when I had been to college everybody paid their condolences to me. Somebody were even happy for what has happened. I had applied for a revaluation hoping for some miracle to happen. The only hope that kept me alive was that Infosys doesn’t send their call letters before November. But I told you life has exactly the opposite plans for me.


April 6th, 2016.

Everyday life has been teaching me new kind of philosophies. I have learnt one more this day. As I was doing my project work, my phone beeped. I received a mail. I even received a heart attack on seeing that mail. It was from Infosys. The ‘offer-of-appointment’ mail. I was asked to join on may 9th. I only had one month time. I am pretty sure that  my college is not going to release the results before may 9th.  It strictly  follows its protocols. And the philosophy that I learnt today is when life gives you some good times, you can at least figure out the reason the reason behind your happiness. But when life decides to play football with you, you just can’t even imagine what is going to happen to you. Life puts you in a maze, and you cannot figure a way out.


Hyderabad, 2055

“Oh come on! You haven’t drank the coffee yet. You started reading that diary again. Now please close it and drink your coffee,” my wife’s yelling brought me back to my reality. I closed my diary and started drinking my coffee. She sat beside me took the diary from me and started asking “Why do you read your old diaries?”

“To look back and laugh out loud at the incidents I was worried the most.”

“Did that incident made you a writer?”

I started laughing for what  I just heard and replied “ No, I just used that incident as one of my stories.”

“Hmm…then, what made you a writer?”

“Haha..! LIFE. I had always told you, that life has exactly opposite plans for what I was thinking.”



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