Game On pt2

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Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Round two - we made it to your bed. 

Leaning down until your lips are almost touching my ear, barely breathing, as you bite gently down on my earlobe, sending heat right through me, from my toes that quickly curl, all the way up my spine in tingling sensations.

Gripped by the shirt, I'm forced closer to your bare chest, head tilting back, lips parted slightly.

Your tongue traces my lips. I shudder. Try to reach forward to connect my lips with yours, but you lean back, smirking slightly. 

There's no way I'm backing down now. You see it in my eyes. Because your back, teeth nipping my bottom lip, tugging gently. My mouth opens so your tongue can slip through.

Hands travel down to my thighs, where you're quick to part them, and slide your bent leg through, until you're rubbing your knee against my clothed but still burning sweetest spot. 

You smile against my lips as my reation is instant, eye widened in pleasure.

Grasp my shoulders, pushing me back further onto the bed. Legs fall back on each side of your hips. Hips that press hard against me, while your mouth dips towards my collorbone, tongue flicking out.

My body arches up against yours. Hands smooth across your chest, fingers slightly grazing your nipples, as I grind harder against your knee. You tense up at my touch, eyes shut for a second, before your lips move back up my neck, faster, placing feverish kisses all along my skin, sucking down gently you reach my collorbone again.

Hips grinding into yours. Your free hand slides down my side, leaving a trail of goosebumps, over my hip and to my thigh, pulling my leg up to wrap around your waist. I can't help but press myself further against you, till all I feel is your arousal through your jeans.

Eyes looking up at you as I move my hips hard against you once, causing you to gasp and pull away. Now I'm smiling. Nails slide up and down your chest as you shudder slightly under my touch, muscles tensing. You're back to leaning over me, pressing your erection harder against my core, whilst I place warm kisses on your shoulder.

You reach down with one hand, grip my hip and tug it against yours. My hands grab your shoulders as I gasp in surprise when you look down at my experssion, before rolling your pelvis into me hard. My  neck arches back, grinding my hips trying to keep up with you, hissing in pleasure as you bite my bottom lip and jerk your hips harder into me. 

I know we should stop, but I'm high on this overwhelming feeling of pleasure. We should cool it down. But with your hips lowering to meet my rising ones in a slow continous rhythm, I'm quickly losing my mind. Each time we collide, electricity shoots right through me, down to my core. 

Not even realising what I was doing, my fingers trace light circles down your stomach, till I reach your waistline. Hands barely brush there but your hips buck against me hard, cursing quietly. 

I lick your swollen lips but it's suddenly too much. 

You sit up, running a hand through your hair in frustration. Control is slipping away faster than you anticipated.

This urge to tease you further brings me on my knees, twisting around, so my arms can wrap around you. You stiffen as my lips graze the side of your neck, nipping the flesh gently. Involuntarily shivering, you bend your head forward to give me full access. My hands slide from your nipples down, lower, through to your hips and tucking at the start of your jeans, at the same time letting my tongue travel across every inch of your throat and then back up to the tip of your ear. 

You're gritting your teeth and I know we should stop. Or one of us will lose our minds and judging by the way things were going, it looked it was going to be you.

Enough for today, I whisper in your ear, letting my lips linger there as you ground your jaw in an obvious internal battle. 

But I know you'll never take it too far, unless I'm willing to go there with you. 

And babe, there's another day for that. 


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