Lethal Seduction

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Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



No one ever thought. This one would survive. You smile with your cherry lips . It really shakes my soul. I lock you in a dream. I never let you go . You are a helpless child leaving beans to find your way back home. Should your skin be so soft ? Are your eyes still sky blue ? The fellow friendly heart is now the ruins left of you. Danger on periled mothers who hold torn up men. They cry for you to stage them . In a warp of pain times ten. Bitter anguish wanders in a mind to be free. From curls of golden toll With fingers of glow. Stray the light to the dark In a heart trapped below.

Greeting knives to the washed out. Fortune hand. Who blocked the scars from tearing . Through a love's final stand. Blacklight gleaming on a face made of grace. That welcomes shame inward where a soul is bound in chains. Well seduction wants to walk. Right out of this thrill. Because dedication has a deadly heart. Black dress made of leather. Destructs my weak mind. It taunts my eyes of failure . I know that I'll give in. Corrupt my happy nightmares Where I can't dream. I dug this earth of poison. Too hard , far, and deep. Shackles on both ankles but I sow what I reap. I crushed the fate of millions . For I can never sleep. Well a battered soul still walks. Right into her thrill. Because reincarnation is a heart of birds.

An only child thought. His patron would come undone. Breathing shards of carbon glass. It shook his very soul. There's heartache on a new horizon. Where light fades away. It is loaded with falter. It blinds the truth of stay. Velvet veil of promise. Nothing to fulfill. If seduction wants to walk . It'll have to kill this thrill. Doomsday comes around. To a man far apart . Because dedication screams with a lethal heart. My love has been set free. By the grace of the lord. If only I could walk . .. Right out of this world . ..

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