The Golden Box

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Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Walking on the leaf carpeted path there is a feeling of immense leisure in me. This soothing wind is making a snugging effect on me. A shimmering green light is peeping through the leaves. And sheer denseness of foliage is adding to my feeling of tranquillity. We are welcomed by a melodic chorus of birds, foliage, and other creatures of the forest. Wind ruffles are actually whispering soothing chants into my ears. I just want to permeate these thousands of sounds into me forever. That would abate the annoying noises of daily traffic. This forest trip will be the most memorable trip for sure.

This is how Kiara feels walking in the forest paths during her forest trip which she is spending with her friends. In a group of seven, they have planned this adventurous trip for the weekend.

“After setting up of tents we will have one hour break then we will begin our adventurous activities”, said one of them. Four of them are setting up tents and two of them are gathering wooden sticks for the preparation of tea. But Kiara, the one who is completely lost in the spellbinding beauty of the forest is busy in clicking pictures and making videos. She is busy in capturing the beauty of trees and monkeys gambolling around them and suddenly a monkey grabs her camera.

Kiara yelled,” my camera…. Hey!!!! stop stop…. and runs behind the monkey. The others try to stop her but she is running so hastily to get her camera back. She is running madly behind the monkey, without realizing that he is taking her to strange ways. And finally, she finds her camera which the monkey has hanged on a tree. “Thank God I have got it”, she says. Now, she jumps to get it from the branch and grabs the camera but slips down through very steep land and gets into totally unknown and strange place.

Yes, she is lost without her trekking bag or even her phone. The tent was in a safe area, but this seems like a dangerous one. The feeling of tranquillity has now turned into distress. She is now scared that whether her friends will be able to find her or not. What if they won’t? How will she survive? What if she gets eaten up by an animal?

Lying on the muddy land, badly smeared in mud, she yelled, “Oh! God, I am lost. Why the hell I was running for that stupid camera? Now, who will help me? How will I get out from here?” She is extremely panicked.

She has been walking for hours to find a safe place. But, its sheer darkness all around. And she realizes that there is no sign of getting out, instead, it seems like she is going into the unsafe area. The sounds around are not pleasing anymore.  Now, she is tired and hopeless, shivering in the thundery winds. There is no one she can find for help. She finds a place under the tree. The darkness and feeling of menace have engulfed her completely. This dark starry blanket feels to be suffocating when you are stuck in such a place alone. She lights the fire with the help of stones, to be saved from dangerous animals.

She hears a sound from the dense foliage beside her. She can see the stir in it as someone is behind it. She stands up behind the fire to protect herself. But a glittering light starts emerging from there. What is shining there? She takes a step forward to see it then takes it back. As it could be anything. She gathered some courage to see some light in the sheer darkness. And she finds a golden box barely covered with mud. But, how does this box get into this forest? Whose box is this? And what is inside it? May be treasure, a map or something else.

Did someone come and leave his box here, which dropped by an animal here? Is it something magical? Is an invisible power trying to help me out to go back? All these questions in her mind are compelling me to open this box. At the same time, she was feeling scared to open this suspicious box. And she opens it. But, the strangest thing is, the box is empty. There should be something in it, she sees it again and again. But finds nothing. She throws it on the ground with anger and said,” Even this has left me alone”. But the box is still shining on the ground with some light emerging out of it. As if it's reflecting the moonlight. Seeing that she calms herself and picks the box again and this time she notices that the base of the box is a mirror where she sees herself. “May be this is the sign that I have the solution to this problem”, she thought.  This made her realize that in this lonely forest what she has is only herself to help her. And for that, she needs to calm down and think what she can do? The thing she has is only her camera which is luckily not discharged till now. She is trying to recall whatever got her into this trouble. When she was running behind the monkey the video mode of the camera was on. This could help her to know the way how she got in here. It was difficult to understand the path due to jumping off the monkey and rolling down of the camera with her. But she sees it again and again to get a clue.

 She finally gets it. She waits for the morning as it's dangerous to roam around in nights in a forest. She notices a fallen tree in the video clip where a sound like the horn of a vehicle can be heard. She knows where the tree is as she sat on it for some time when she was tired while finding the way. She has figured it out finally. The road is near that tree. She went to that place and waited for some time. And again there is a sound like a vehicle has passed. Now, finally, she knows the direction to she reaches her destination. Walking in that the particular direction she hopes of getting rid of this mess and never getting into it again.

 Now, she reaches her destination, jumping on the road, she shouts, “Yes, I did it. I am back. Back alive”.  She waits and after a while, she sees a car arriving there. It is the same feeling like the nightmare has turned into a fairy tale now. She gets help from it finally. She informs everyone who all are trying to trace her that, she is back safely and returns to her home. After getting out of this trouble she thinks of whatever happened last night. Especially of that box, which she found.

 Was it God’s clue to help her or just a favour of destiny? Does something like a miracle happen in today’s world? A miracle to make you realize your own strength, to solve a problem. Or it’s just a speculation of her brain to consider her reflection in the mirror as a clue? Whatever was it. It has made her strong enough to fight any problem. Every time there wouldn’t be a clue to help her. We all know about our strengths but we forget it in adverse situations. After this incident, she is sure that in future she wouldn’t need a mirror to remind her of the inner strength she has. Now onwards every day when she faces,  the mirror, along with herself, she sees a reflection of all her internal powers which makes her believe in herself.

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