The Nemesis Vector

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Staying alive....

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



Chapter 29

Launch day comes early as all six men sit strapped in flight chairs waiting for the shuttle launch; each man contemplating his own mortality as they think ahead to the dangerous mission before them.

“Wow! I’m ready to blast my ass into outer space here, Sir!” Beck blurts out.

“Yes you are soldier. Are you ready for this Seal Team?” Rex asks.

“Sir! Yes Sir!”

“Blast your ass off? Hell, you are a pyromaniac Beck. You light more fireworks off on the 4th of July than this bird will ignite!” Duke notes.

Rider, looking straight ahead with a contemplative look asks, “If we all die during this launch, do you think they will find our bodies?”

“Rider!! Just shut up already, will ya?”

“Yeah, Rider! Someone, anyone, have some duct tape? I’m sure that taping his mouth shut is on the approved use list!” Price responds as they all start to laugh.

As they wait for the countdown to begin, Rex chuckles. “Sit back and get ready for the ride of your life gentlemen.”

Rory, chiming in, says, “Yeah… if you like rollercoasters, then you are going to love this!”

At snap count, NASA ignites the burn and the rocket engine’s powerful thrust begins to lift the ship up off of the launch pad. The Intrepid vibrates forcefully as it moves through the Earth’s atmosphere and away from the gravitational pull of the Earth.

“Flight control here… you are looking good Intrepid and your telemetry is right on course.”

“Roger that Houston.”

“How did the four juggernauts handle that lift off?”

“With eyes wide shut Houston. I think you could be producing four new astronauts for your space program. However, Scott and I could have done without the yelling and the screaming… they’re fine now… Seal Team One came through the launch just fine.”

“Roger that Commander. We show your speed is increasing right on schedule and max speed will be reached in just ninety seconds. Your path is clear all the way to the station; no bogies on our screens to harass you Commander.”

“Copy that Houston; ninety seconds and the path is all clear. Saga radar activated and computer targeting is online just in case they do decide to show up.”

“It must make you feel better knowing that you have a defensive weapon this trip?

“I’m counting on not having to use it Houston.”

“As planned Commander, we will have radio silence from here on out and good luck… good luck to all of you. Talk to you next on the Laser Beam Communicator (LBC).”

“Copy that Houston… radio silence until we get the new LBC operational. Well, that’s it gentlemen. No more contact until we are on board the ISS… just each other to break the silence.”

“Copy that Commander.”

“Hey Duke! Do you know why we go faster after the initial rocket blast, even without a gas pedal?”

“No Rider, I don’t… but I am sure that I will know soon enough because you are certainly going to tell me, aren’t you?”

“Oh, no… here we go again… our mission Einstein!” Price laughs.

“Yeah, he has turned in to some type of Brainiac since his mission briefing,” Beck chimes in.

Without blinking an eye, Rider continues, “It’s really very simple… as the fuel is burned off, our in-flight weight dramatically decreases, thrust remains constant and therefore we can go faster because we are lighter.”

“Oh my God… I can’t believe you remember all of this stuff… you can’t remember what you had for dinner, but you remember this stuff!” Duke laughs.

“What do you mean? I remember what I had for dinner!” Rider snaps back.

In unison, the entire team yells, “Shut up already Rider!” and the Intrepid cabin fills with laughter.

“Alright everyone, listen up. Commander Scott and I hate to break up your party here, but once we arrive at the station and are soft docked, I will divide you into two teams. Each team will be tasked with a group of things that must be completed ASAP. These things include the attachment of the laser reflector panels; the installation of the new com, the laser beam communication system and the bearing gun. We have a lot of work to get done in a very short amount of time, so I suggest you get some rest.”

Each man, excited and nervous about the mission, tries to rest with a multitude of thoughts racing through his mind. Each of them is hopeful all will go well… but each of them understands the dangers and that it could all end badly. The team is ready, they have trained; they have bonded as friends and their work ethic is cohesive. The skills they have honed over the last two weeks will soon be tested as they execute a mission that doesn’t get any more important than this one. If all goes according to the think tank plan, the mission will be successful, and UEA command will have the alien technology they want which will help to insure the people of Earth will have at least a chance to survive any future aggression. Although each man is honored to have been chosen to participate; each man, including Rex and Rory, just hope to make it back... alive.


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