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Chapter 33 As Duke does the final shut down of the auxiliary systems and the closure of the airlock, Rex sits in the captain’s seat going over the command panel of the alien craft with Rory. The remainder of Seal Team One stands guard over the four alien crew members still bound in the center of the floor of the alien craft. As Duke exits the boarding tube and enters the craft, Rex closes the door and pushes the button to retract the tube. With the sound of a large suction cup being pulled off of a window, the craft is free floating and Rex with just a slight touch of the throttle urges the ship away from the ISS. “Man, Rex… it is amazing just how quiet this ship is. It’s like driving a Rolls Royce after owning a Volkswagen.” With a Cheshire cat smile, Rex responds, “Well… let me just say that when you see how fast she can go, it’s more like driving a Lamborghini.” “Cool! I can do speed!” “Alright gentlemen, with everyone settled in their seats, our unwelcomed guests secured, we will be heading out of here. In this rig, it will be a quick flight… I’m guessing twenty minutes max. Do you think you can handle that?” Rex asks with a smile. “Sir, yes Sir!” “If I may speak for Seal Team One; we will all be extremely happy to set foot back on solid ground, Sir,” Duke smiles. “And have a decent meal, too Commander,” Price chimes in. “What’s up with that comment Price? You didn’t care for our freeze-dried gourmet delicacies?” Pointing his finger down his throat as if to symbolize gagging and causing the whole team to laugh, he responds, “Sir, they were scrumptious… not.” “All right gentlemen… hang on to your hats, here we go… and keep an eye on those four aliens… just in case… in fact, keep both eyes on them!” “One last thing Rex… can you omit the experience of flying upside down from this flight?” Rory asks in a semi whisper. Chuckling, Rex answers, “Only for you Rory, but I do have to wonder where your sense of adventure is.” “To be honest, I just had one of those ‘freeze-dried delicacies’ and I’d like to keep it down, if you know what I mean. If it weren’t for that, I’d let you scare the hell out of all of them!” Laughing, Rex and Rory power everything up and within the blink of an eye; the ship disappears into the darkness headed towards Earth. *** Landing at Groom Lake as ordered, the alien ship, along with the captured aliens, is placed in the hands of UEA security. The laser weapons confiscated by Seal Team One have also been turned over, and although it has been learned that these weapons can only be fired by the aliens themselves, UEA hopes that a team of engineers will be able to learn enough from this technology so that advanced weaponry can be manufactured for use against the alien invaders should any future hostility transpire. Over the next several days, Rex works with the UEA intelligence team training them on the alien ship’s capabilities during demonstration flights. Rory, now able to call Sahara, talks for hours, but is unable to see her as he and Rex are on call 24/7. Although disappointed, both understand, that the future of their family and all families on Earth, is very much dependent on what UEA Command can learn from the intel they now have in their possession. As the UEA works on gathering bids from various government defense contractors to back engineer and copy-cat the technology, scientists, working on the project, have reported this seized alien technology will advance the Earth’s present technology levels by as much as two to three thousand years. Meanwhile, the ominous cloud, now visible from Earth, is televised on every channel. The general population, for the most part, has remained calm with the constant reassurance by UEA Command that the situation is ‘under control’. However, with each passing day, an underlying feeling of fear grows as each man, woman and child asks ‘what can be the intent of this cloud; an intent that will only be known as time passes.

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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