Lindisfarne:793 AD

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The story of the Viking raid on Lindisfarne island.

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Lindisfarne: 793 AD

Across the cold North Sea

The Dragon ships came,

The draw of treasure burned in their eyes

Like a golden flame.


Their bearded faces were cold and grim

Their pagan hearts were full of sin,

Flaming torches burned in their hands

Weaving like a fiery wyrm across the land,


The folk of Lindisfarne fell to Viking sword and axe

Against the Norsemen raiders they were no match.

The Northumbrian land was stained with blood and gore

As the Vikings dedicated their kills to Odin and to Thor


Even the pious monks who live on the isle of Lindisfarne

Were rounded up and hunted down by the light of dawn.

As they prayed to their god to save their lives,

The Vikings slit their throats with cold Iron knives.


The killing had been done, the gold had been reaved,

They Returned to their Dragon ships and took their leave.

 The folk of Lindisfarne in their grief and pain

Prayed the Norsemen would never return to their shores again.

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