My first love

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This is a poem about my first love experience and about how my first love loves me still and how I love her still but we cant be together because of the circumstances.

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



You were my first love

You were the only person

That could ever quench

 My thirst

For happiness

But our friendship ended

In nastiness

I still always loved you

Even though

 I shoved you

 away from me  

You will always be my true beloved

I could write this in blood

As I flood

The room full of tears

I wish I could have fought away

My fears in regards to me being slow

So I couldn’t accept myself

And go with flow

So our love ended

like a horror show

I could just never accept the fact

That you were

 A nympho

So I treated you

Like a bimbo

I have still been left in an indecisive limbo

But I know you are

 With him so

But yet we are both still crushed and alone

I would do anything just to

Pick up the phone

So I could hear your voice

And I could rejoice

But unfortunately

I don’t have that choice

I would do anything just to turn back time

I would climb

Any mountain so I can see

 The fountain

Bristle with our love again

You were the beautiful dove

On my shoulder

But you were crushed

By a boulder 

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