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amber foster witnesses a family losing everything they own and it causes her to make some changes in her life.

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Amber Foster was putting a book in her locker at Piney Point High. Her best friend Korey Hunt walked up to her. “Guess what?” asked Korey. “What?” asked Amber. “I got voted into the Piney Point Volunteer Fire Department last night,” said Korey. “That is so cool, my baby a super hero,” said Amber hugging Korey. “Saturdays are service and clean day at the fire department. That is where equipment is cleaned and inspected,” said Korey. “Awesome,” said Amber with excitement. “What would you think about coming with me Saturday morning to service and clean day then Saturday evening, maybe,” said Korey pausing. “Maybe what?” asked Amber. “Maybe you could put on one of your cute little dresses and we could go hang out,” said Korey. “I would love too,” said Amber. “I have to get to class, I will talk to you later,” said Korey.

Amber’s step sister Josephine Hart and her best friend Jason Clark had been watching Amber and Korey. When they saw her coming they turned around and pretended to be busy. “I know you were watching,” said Amber with a big smile on her face as she walked by.

Saturday morning, Josephine was stretched out across her bed watching tv. “I can’t believe you are eighteen years old and still watching Bugs Bunny,” said Amber walking into Josephine’s bedroom and sitting down beside her. “What does my sister want to borrow?” asked Josephine turning the tv off. “Borrow, Joey, what are you talking about? I just came in here to tell my sister that I loved her,” said Amber. “Right,” said Josephine not believing Amber. “Ok, this morning Korey was going to take me to service and clean day at the fire department and I needed some fashion advice,” said Amber. Josephine went to her closet, took out an old tee-shirt and handed it to Amber. “Thank you, sis. You are the best sister in the whole wide world and I love you,” said Amber hugging Josephine.

Korey and Amber got out Korey father’s car at the Piney Point Volunteer Fire Department. Korey introduced Amber to Captain Frederick Collins, Lieutenant Joshua O’Bannon, Adam Harris, and Dennis Stewart. 

While the Crew was checking and servicing equipment, the tones went off. Fredrick, Adam, Dennis, and Korey ran towards the engine bay while Joshua put his walkie talkie up to his ears. “Get in the middle seat in the back of the truck,” shouted Joshua to Amber as he opened the driver door. Amber had a puzzled look on her face as to what was going on but she did what she was told. Fredrick got in the front passenger seat and the others got in the back of the truck. Joshua blew the horn and then turned the lights and sirens on.  “What’s going on?” asked Amber as she watched the volunteer firefighters putting on their scba mask. “Structure fire,” said Korey as he was starting to put his mask.

“Oh-my-gosh,” said Amber at the sight of a young woman in her mid twenties and two children watching their house being consumed by fire. 

Joshua took out an ice chest off of the engine and sat it on the ground. He motioned for Amber to come over to where he was standing. “Yes, sir,” said Amber. “When a firefighter comes to the engine give him a bottle of water out of the ice chest,” said Joshua. “Yes sir,” said Amber as Joshua went back to pump the truck.

Amber was sitting on a picnic table in the back yard. “Is there a problem, Ms. Foster?” asked Wilson Stephens, Amber’s music teacher who was standing on the other side of a white picket fence. Amber walked over to the fence. “I was thinking about something I saw today,” said Amber. “What did you see, Ms. Foster?” asked Wilson. “A family lose everything they owned in a matter of minutes. I am always thinking about the latest fashion trends and these poor people are going to spend the rest of the day thinking about where they are going to live? What are they going to do next?,” said Amber with tears rolling down her cheeks. “Ms. Foster, You are going to witness a lot of things; some good and some bad; but regardless of which one you should always ask yourself two questions,” said Wilson “What are the two questions?” asked Amber. “Could I have done something different? What can I do to make a difference if a similar event occurs,” said Wilson. “I am not sure what I could have done different; but there are several possibilities to the second question. Thanks, Wilson,” said Amber turning around and walking off. 

Josephine was putting clothes into the washing machine. Amber came into the laundry room and handed Josephine the shirt she had been wearing. “Why is there black on this shirt and it smells like smoke?” asked Josephine. “I went to a fire today and I helped by giving the firemen bottle water. A couple from out town that were helping gave me a hug” said Amber. Josephine put the shirt in and closed the lid. Amber looked at her watch. “Korey is going to be here soon and I need to go get ready,” said Amber.

“Korey is here,” shouted Josephine at the bottom of the stairs as Korey walked into the living room. “Is Amber feeling bad?” asked Korey. “I don’t think so,” said Josephine with a puzzled look on her face. “Read this,” said Korey handing Josephine his cell phone. “Don’t feel like dressing up,” said Josephine with a surprise look on her face as she read the text message.

Amber came down the stairs wearing a black tee-shirt, pink shorts, flip flops, and no make up. “How do I look?” asked Amber. Korey and Josephine looked at each other with a surprise look on their faces.

A couple of weeks later, Amber was stretched out across her bed watching tv. Josephine came into her bedroom and down beside her. Amber turned the tv off and turned to Josephine to see what she wanted. “Are you pregnant?” asked Josephine. “No,” said Amber. “Did you and Korey, you know?” ask Josephine. “No,” exclaimed Amber. “Why are you asking these questions?” asked Amber. “You have been acting weird, the past few weeks,” said Josephine. “Weird?” asked Amber. “Yes, it is like putting makeup on and wearing the latest trends are no longer important to you,” said Josephine. “I want to show you something,” said Amber going to her closet and taking out a tee-shirt. She handed the tee shirt to Josephine. “Amber Foster Volunteer Firefighter,” said Josephine with a surprise look on her face. “I know what you are fixing to say. You have done a lot of stupid things in your life  but to join a volunteer fire department to hang out with your boyfriend takes the cake,” said Amber. “You took the words right out of my mouth,”said Josephine. “I didn’t join to hang out with Korey. I joined because I want to make a difference in someone’s life,” said Amber. Her response caught Josephine off guard and she sat there in disbelief. “Joey, I watched someone lose everything they owned and the sad part is it is going to happen again. Maybe next time it happens an engine crew can get in there in time to save something. Do you know how I would feel if I helped save someone’s personal belongings even if it was just a picture,” said Amber with tears starting to roll down her cheek. “Sis, what is wrong?” asked Josephine. “Sorry Joey, I just started thinking about how the only thing left I have to remember mom by are pictures. I would be completely devastated if something happened to them,” said Amber. Josephine put her arm around Amber. 

“Sis, I am proud of you,” said Josephine after Amber had a cry spell at the thought of losing pictures of her mother. “Thanks, Joey, and I am sorry for still being a cry baby,” said Amber. “You are not being a cry baby. You lost someone that was very important to you and you are still grieving,” said Josephine. “I just wished the crying would stop. It is embarrassing to just start crying for no reason.” said Amber. “It’s not embarrassing and it will stop in time,” said Josephine. “But when?” asked Amber. “I can’t answer that,” said Josephine. 

Amber was getting ready for bed. “Amber come here,” shouted Josephine standing outside Amber’s bedroom. “What is it?” asked Amber. “Come on,” said Josephine taking Amber’s hand. They walked outside. “You see that star right there,” asked Josephine pointing to the brightest star in the sky. “Yes,” said Amber. “That is your mom smiling down from heaven. She is so proud of you,” said Josephine. Amber stood there for a moment and then put her arm around Josephine. “Oh, Joey, thank you,” said Amber with a smile on her face. 

Amber took Josephine’s hand as they started to walk back into the house. “Joey, I love you,” said Amber with a smile on her face. “Even though you can be a butt sometimes, I love you too,” said Josephine. “A butt! Joey Hart, don’t ruin this moment,” exclaimed Amber starting to laugh.

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