The Scream!!

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Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017






It was raining outside heavily. One could hardly think of stepping out into the road in this weather. But for Sam it was an important day. He was going to take the interview of the famous football star Morris Anderson today. This chance couldn't be spared. 

Sam worked for the reputed Sports news channel SportsX.. He has been working here since 2009. He was now the head reporter of SportsX. Sam was punctual and up-to-date in his job.. For him his job was everything. Everyday he woke up sharp at 5:30 AM and went for jogging outside.. He came back at around 6:30 AM, took a bath, had breakfast and off he went for his job. But that day was unlike the other days. Something was limiting him from doing his basic daily chores.. Since it was raining heavily, he was unable to go out for jogging. So he thought of brushing his teeth and having a bath. He went to his washroom, stood in front of the mirror. Sam felt a bit uneasiness in front of it. Maybe he was having a hangover from his drinking last night. But it was something different from the rest of the hangovers.

The mirror was filled with fog..nothing was visible. Sam reached out to the mirror to wipe it.. as he completed the wiping.. he noticed a strange thing on the mirror.. there was a black cross mark on the right upper corner part of the mirror. Sam didn't remember of marking a spot on the mirror. It was unusual. He tried to rub the mark, it went away easily. Suddenly something struck on his mind. Last night he and two of his other friends were playing the Bloody Mary game. The challenge was to make a black cross on the mirror and say Bloody Mary thrice while looking at the mirror. The prize for the winner was a pair of Carlseberg bottle. Sam was the bravest in the squad, while the rest of the two were timid and feared of bloody mary..

One of his friends said, "Fear the wrath of Bloody mary, she will lurk around you forever, your life will shorten and if lucky, death will be quick rather being gruesome and slow, which occurred in most of the cases". 

Sam just brushed aside what his friend said. in reply he said "Let your words be true, because if it happens I will give you my prize". He mockingly gave a smile as if he knew that nothing was gonna take place. And why would he believe in such things. He was living in a hi-tech world based on the chipset of 21st century. Hence, they started the game. It was decided that Sam and only Sam would do such. So they turned off the lights, lighted a candle and went infront on the washroom mirror. It was an easy task, Sam would have to mark a black cross and say Bloody Mary thrice looking straight into the mirror. There was utter silence. The sounds of the clocks ticking could be heard crystal clear. He looked onto his wrist watch.. It was almost half past 1 at the night. So, Sam decided to start it. He took a black crayon from his desk and made a mark on the mirror's upper right corner. After he had done it, he looked straight into the mirror and said "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary".


He had done it. He could clearly the pounding heartbeats of his friends. All of them looked at each other's face. Nothing had happened. 

Sam gave a cruel smile. He said, "See nothing happened, now as we have finished the talking, where's my drink Buddy". He came to his room and drank two bottles of carlseberg with some rum, making a cocktail out of it.

Sam gave a meek smile as he dwelled upon his last night's incident. "Well, enough of this stuff, let's head on". He said to himself. As he was coming out of the washroom, he heard a sound coming from his bedroom It was familiar to him, it was his ringtone. He hurriedly, went to his bedroom. Maybe it was his Boss' call from the Office. He took his phone from the bed and tapped on the receive button of his smartphone. There was nothing from the other side, it was a complete silence. Sam said, "hello, hello, hello". He repeated it for 2-3 times. He was about to cut the call, thinking of it as a network failure. Suddenly he heard a loud scream coming from the other side. He was shocked. Such a loud scream beside your ear could shock the hell out of anyone. It didn't take much time for him to come back to normal. Thinking of it as a glitch he turned around, but the phone rang again. This time it was his boss. He rang him to remind him of the big day. The conversation wasn't long and Sam cut the call after 4-5 minutes of talking.

Sam completed his breakfast, got dressed up and left for his office. It was a nice day indeed, Morris Anderson was a prolific footballer. He was the man of the Season in the English Football League. Sam successfully conducted the interview. That day he was praised by his boss. He was utterly delighted. He had cut the task out successfully. It was just like a cake walk to him. But, his little happiness would have been shattered, only if he knew that something bad is going to happen to him. 

Sam reached home that night at 8 p.m. The day was very tiring so he got freshed and went to sleep quickly after falling on the bed.

Trinnnnnnnng, trinnnnnnnng,

Sam woke up to the sound of the ringtone coming from his phone. He looked at the watch hanging on the wall. It was almost half past one at night.

Trinnnnnnnng, trinnnnnnnng.... Sam reached out to his phone rubbing his eyes.. "who the hell would call me in the middle of the night".. He murmured..

"Hello, hello, hello" he repeated the same for twice, nothing but silence came from the other side.. He was about to turn the phone down, suddenly he heard a loud scream.He knew this scream. He had heard this before. It was the same scream he had heard, in the morning before leaving for the office. But this time it was a bit different, it felt as if it was coming from right behind him and not from his phone. Sam was brave, he asked, "Anybody here, is anybody here?". Not a single word came in reply. Thinking of it coming from outside, he wrapped his blanket and went to sleep again, but his sleep didn't last for more than an hour, he got awake to the sound of his crockery falling to the ground. Disturbed, he went to look out for the crockery. He was shocked, the crockery was right in his place, intact, without a single scratch. For the first time in his life he was experiencing fear. His ears can't be tricked twice. This time he was certain that the sound came from his room. That night he thought of sleeping with his lights lit up.

The next morning, he woke up, he was feeling weak and cold. It felt as if he was having a fever. He opened his drawer and took out his thermometer and took the reading, it displayed 104.2oF on the thermometer screen. It was a heavy fever. It was difficult for him to go to the office for that day. He rang up his friends and asked them to bring food and medicines for him. At around 10 AM his friends arrived. They were shocked when they looked at Sam. Sam was filled with rash all over his face and his hands. Sam wasn't able to get up from his bed, so he was unaware of the rashes. When his friends showed it to him, he got shocked himself. One of his friends said "I told you, death will come slowly, it would be agonizing". The other friend said , "Don't worry, we will take care of you. You will get well soon" and gave a smile.

Hours, kept on passing but the fever didn't drop, on the contrary it went soring gradually. 

At 12 PM the fever went up to 105.2.. His friends said, it would be better to call a doctor..

At around 1 PM, the doctor arrived, after checking him, he said, "I have never seen such kind of rash in my experience of 37 years of Medical Profession". Those words were disheartening. The doctor added, "I'm giving these medicines as of now, if it doesn't come down, then nothing could be done. He's in god's hands now".

The temperature wasn't under control. It didn't come down even after 5-6 hours of taking the medicine. The temperature was constant as if it was stoned to death. On the other hand, the rash over Sam's body became more red. Looking at his condition, his friends decided to take him to Princeton hospital 10 kms away.

They jumped on to the car, and started the engine. Sam was shivering. It was raining outside. Off they went, the road was clear and no car was there on the road except a few bicycles. The car was going with a fair amount of speed. Suddenly, there was a stop. A loaded truck coming from the right, hit their car. The car turned twice or thrice and then went upside down. Lots of people gathered there. What the people witnessed was three upside down turned blood soaking faces and a black cross on Sam's forehead.

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