A Suicide Note?

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Its my first of many books hopefully
The grammer is off but its all for the story. I hope yall enjoy reading it.

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Entry 1

Submitted: June 28, 2017

Okay let me tell you a story and then you cam decide wether im telling the truth or a complete lie. This isnt an orginal story, you have ... Read Chapter

Entry 2

Submitted: June 28, 2017

By now you've made it to the second chapter. This story wont be very long but i thank you for making it this far already. Okay so if you ... Read Chapter

Entry 3: Story 1

Submitted: July 13, 2017

Its raining outside. Its cold and gloomy, but i feel at peace when i see it. When it rains nothing can go wrong because, when it rains, the world is sad. The world just as humans have emotions.
My name is kiske kyoto and i am a normal teenage boy who lives a normal teenage life. I moved from Japan when i was six years old and have been living in America since then. I live alone because my parents died about a year ago but i am avoided by my famliy because i lived in the accident. Before my parents died i was the kid that everyone liked and talk to, you could say that i was very popular. However after the accident i have been outcasted by everyone i know like if i am cursed.
Do i mind being alone? A question i ask myself everyday. Being in solitude as a choice is good for the mind to take time and anaylize what goes on in our heads, its like a reflecting period on your choices and when youre alone you figure out the type of person you are. Why is it raining? Does it feel my solitude? Does it feel my pain of being alone? WHY WONT IT STOP? my path was choosen for me, all i can do now is live in it without a second thought. Read Chapter