The orange of Catherine and George

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A talk in the kitchen between Catherine and George.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



The orange of Catherine and George


I made you an orange juice.”George said, as Catherine entered the kitchen.

You always make me orange juice, when you have something to tell me.”Catherine responded.

Let’s say, you have a book holding magic secrets, let’s say immortality.Where would you decide to hide it?Would you choose a private spot, like your home, or would you put it in a public place, where no one would dare search, such under the Statue of Liberty?Tearing down the Statue for a book?Are you nuts?”George said joking.

Yes, under Liberty is a good idea.”Catherine answered.

Now, let’s suppose you are an Arab dictator who wants to acquire a valuable treasure hidden under Rome’s dungeons. Would you make war on Italy, so after conquering Rome, rob the treasure at your leisure?”George asked.

Yes.So Saddam Hussein was after Rome?”Catherine asked with a bit irony.

No.But next to Rome is the Vatican.Now, connect the treasure with the book about immortality.”George stated encouragingly.

Ok.So Saddam Hussein was after a book of immortality under the Statue of Liberty?”Catherine mocked.

You are doing good.Now, change the phrase Arab dictator, with the word..

Hitler. Hitler,had a known tendency for the occult,And what would he do, if he believed, that these and other secrets were guarded..”

Under the Statue of Liberty?”Catherine cut.

By Jews?”George completed.

Sherlock Holmes says that when all logical answers are excluded, you must search in the realm of irrational or supernatural. The Germans have the well-known story about Faust and immortality is the oldest trick in the book to seduce or corrupt someone. Hitler’s decision to attack the Soviet Union doesn’t make sense, since he was the one who made the non-attack agreement. Perhaps, someone, or the Jews, convinced him, that what he was looking for, was under Moscow.”George deduced.

I never thought of it that way.”Catherine said puzzled.

Did you like the orange juice, Catherine?”asked pointing the glass the white-haired George Thalassis.


Note:The Little Hero, was a non-animated comic telling the adventures of George Thalassis, Catherine and fat Sparky in Nazi occupied Hellas. It stopped circulating in 1986.I read all 55 issues, along with Five Friends, Seven Hounds and of course, Jules Verne at that time.

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