The Cold Silence

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A short poem on the power of silence

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



When the hidden crying stops 


And the tears are gone, your pillow now soaked


All that remains is the cold silence 


You sit in the dark, rubbing your saddened eyes


And you realise, when all things eventually die


That silence is the only constant in life


When you die, you are silent 


But you are never truly alone because the silence is always there


Like a mystical force within the air


A force stronger than no other 


A force that can tear the soul out your body


When you sit and cry in the late hours of the night


All you wish is to her hear voice 


A soft voice, filled with worry and passion 


A voice that could reinvigorate you, a voice to end the tears 


But no, you will sit there 


No voice will protrude and present itself from the darkness


You will have only the darkness


And the cold, empty silence.

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