New Chapter.

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Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



I'll be
the pretty protagonist of
this new chapter,
heeled boots,
messy buns
and denim shorts.
It'll be
a fresh beginning, 
a new start,
as we watch the sun
go down,
and stay 
huddled together until 
it rises again.
We will rise again.
I have risen again.
The warmth of the sun is 
compared to
the heat our bodies give off
this close pressed together.
It's the summer time boom.
Of fingers brushing
through my hair,
lips tingling
more skin to show
eyes dancing down these bodies
to our own music,
hands only moving to explore,
exploring these new corners.
Air filled with the laughter
from clutching ribs,
and watery eyes.
Summer breeze,
a wind rush
through our blowing hair.
Longer nights 
for sashaying and swaying
hips moving in a made up rhythm.
Fingers intertwined,
possessive tightness.
Overnight electric shots.
Blasting shitty music,
you sitting back
lazy smile
as my legs move around 
hands in the hair
head bobbing up and down
dancing in front of you
for you.
Wider smiles.
Hairbrushes for microphones
Kitchen counters for sitting and watching you cook. 
Food fights.
Syrup down my neck
eyes darkening
try a taste...
so sweet against my skin.
Lips and tongues and nips of flesh.
Empty parks
two swings
starry skies
sense of calmness.
Midnight walks
sleepless and bouncing.
Coffee trips at 1 AM in small cafe booths.
Stubble grazing cheeks
kisses along jaws.
Ride this high.
Legs slip round your waist when you try to move.
What's the hurry?
No hurry.
Take it slow.
Whipped cream on noses
lick them clean.
The sweetness of summer berries.
Blueberry kisses
Strawberry red lips
Tangy rasberry tongues.
Curves squeezed. 
Gasps muffled.
Hard grips on counters
eyes never leaving lips 
that take in the fullness in flavour
of these yellow bananas. 
Lips wrapped tight. 
Cheeks hollowing.
Eyes laughing, teasing,
Yours burning.
Bowls of minty ice cream.
Netflix in bed
windows open,
feeling peace.
Feeling hazy.
Feeling happy.

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