Reinvention of life

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What strength training has done for me

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Reinvention of Life I believe that the definition of life is reinvention, to grow up so you don't be like your parent's, like your friend's but to be yourself completely.

Now that I think back on the time that I was on highschool, I realized that I was a product of all my insecurities that I developed from teacher's that called me "stupid" and tha I would not have a future cause I was dumb, from the fears I created cause I was bullied alot because my small frame.

Day's past and I learned to keep it all inside, and as stupid that may seem at some point I wanted to be like them, dress like them and act like them just so I could end the suffering.

After the first year of high school I felt inside me this need to change, to reinvent my life, to turn it around so I wouldn't be that small framed kid. I started to do some research and I decided to go to the gym.

There I learned ten basic exercises and I paid more attention than I ever did in class, one guy in the gym told me to not look in the mirror until I would see the looks on other people face when they notice the new me.

At the beginning they laughed at me and they said that a loser like me couldn't last a month in the gym let alone make a transformation, those words kept me motivated to prove them that I was a new me and you couldn't say shit to me.

During the second year, things in school were different the girl's looked at me differently and those who bullied me were shocked at that moment I knew I was ready to take a look at my stronger self. After class I rushed straight home, took off my shirt and looked myself in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself, my chest was defined, my arms bulked, my shoulder were round and wide. I felt so good that moment, cause I learned the value of hard work and that feeling nobody would take it away from.

I truly valued my training when I was in my mid twentys, the pain and the shake i felt after a workout made me discover more by myself every time. If I lifted more than my body was prepared to lift, I was taught to restrain my self and dont let my ego to take over. I learnd that the harder the challenge the more valuble the outcome when you complete the challenge.

The physical strength I gained, toughened not only my body but also my mind, I developed this never quiting attitude through pumping iron and now I use this discipline to follow my vision and never quit in order to complete that objective.

The iron made me the stronger version of myself, I discovered I was smart and I could do everything, like a torch in the pitch black, the iron will show you that you can make it no matter what weights you down. I think life is like Squat cause every moment you trie our best to lift up the weight that tries to puts you down. I strongly belive that if norture your body, you will see that your mind will bloom too. Cause when you trie to lift that weight that brings you down and your body is at it limits, the mind will always make an effort to pass through that limit and if you apply this princliple you can be unstoppable in life.

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