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Never leave it once accompanied from the roots to the point.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Miles miles away to go,

Stop here and there but way to go, 

We do this and that in the world, 

But in the end, we leave alone, 


Neither I know nor they know what is going to arise and what's not going to arise,

The far we go,

The far we astray, 

The far we search, 


The more we doubt, 

Doubt on whether we do the right or we do the wrong,

Im still in a question mark about what I've seen, 

But I'm not curious about the miles that we go, 

Im curious about the darkness, the neatness of the place, 


Im not afraid with it, 

As you accompany me all the way, 

I fall, injured, hurt, 

Pain is less with you surrounded nearby me, 

I thought I lost you, 

But I never thought of gaining you for every second of my movement , 

Its like tree without its branches. 


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