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The passages of the human life?

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Is it ordinary

To wake the senses

To milk and honey?

To grapes and fruits

Peaches and apples

And smiles of a bunny?


Is it ordinary

To wake to walking steps

From joy to joy

And when tears are shed

Cruelty is diluted in kindness

Till depravation becomes a toy?


Is it ordinary

To start talking to find ears

Who will listen and share?

Then smile, grimace, frown

Sooth a shout with a reply

That weighs a tons of care?


Is it ordinary

To start fighting the cocoon

That kindness has one locked in?

And see it as the web

Giant spiders have spun

To keep the victim stuck to a notion’s pin?


Is it ordinary

To start to fly and want

To see freedom in free form

Unpinned by anything

Except the will to make it so

Always sensed best in the scene of a storm


Is it ordinary

To find the same cage

That everyone before has found

And enter willingly

Because any other will just be the same

No matter how high in the air, still chained to the ground


Is it ordinary

To find a new face

Formed of fury and foam

Assumes parent and mentor

Pacifier, punisher and provider

In all manner of things to come?


Is it ordinary

To see the wings of the butterfly

Change from white, to colourful to grey?

To see the eagles’ wings flap

Far and at many an angle wide

The fold themselves politely without a say?


Is it ordinary

To look back and see

The milk and honey of someone else’s

Then remember the promise

That everyone swore to keep

And they kept…. for themselves


Is it ordinary

To look forward and see the sky

Smell its color, sense its canvas

And know that by digging down

The scene will change

And the essence will uplift it mass?

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