Two Buddies Go to the Pyramids

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Bob, a 30 year old with average build, wanted to go on a adventure to the Pyramids of Egypt. So he asked his friend Jared if he would like to come. Jared was wondering how would they affored it. Bob said "I will sale my TV, my video games, computer, and my game console and you will sale yours." but Jared said " But I like my video games, my computer, and my game console". Bob said " We will find treasure there". Jared said "Alright".

So Bob bought tickets online and then they flew to Egypt. After arriving in Egypt, they stopped by the local markets for supplies. "We are going to need it to get in there." said Bob. When they entered the pyramids they were struck in awe by the inside.  "Wow" said Jared.

Bob noticed rope barriers infront of the audience. Bob said "We are going have to get pass  those ropes to get to the secret passages. Bob and Jared snuck in and finally made it to the passages. " These passage ways are really tight" said Jared. As they finally made it, they saw a door that was really easy to get into. "Open it" said Bob. Bob opened it.

All of a sudden evilness started to surround the sight, they awakened the spirits. After battling many mummies, they finally found their treasure.

They took it home and sold it, it was worth 1 trillion dollars.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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