Mulligan's Stew!: The Mulligan Family Story. (Part One)

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A homemaker shares her story about her family.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Nashville, Tennessee, June 29, 2017~

Dear Journal~

Howdy!  This is your friend, Jane Mulligan, writing.  As long as I can have a quick reprieve from the demands of motherhood, I might as well take advantage of the opportunity and write in my journal, not to mention, get myself something to snack on while I can.

I hope this finds y'all well.  I have been busy; but then a mother's work is never done, as they say, especially since I have little ones in the house.  The younger children keep me hopping; but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love being a mother (and grandmother)!

We have 20 children now; they range in age from four on up to in their thirties.  I also have grandchildren; our three oldest children (Mike, Jr., Polly, and James, have blessed us with them, and they bring much in the way of joy and purpose to Mike's and my lives).  We have five boys (Mike, Jr., Jimmy, Alejandro, Wyatt, and Sean-Michael) and fifteen girls (Polly, Lu-Anne, Stevie, Melynda, Robin RaNae, Kimberly, Britni, Briana, Colleen, Calleigh, Dallas, Devora, Margaret Joy, Mai, and Noelle).

I am a homemaker; meanwhile, my husband, Michael, works at Donelson Senior High School, where he is a football coach; he's done this for the past eighteen years and enjoys it.  He loves interacting with the kids and he loves the excitement that high school football often brings.  I enjoy taking care of the children and home schooling them; I started home schooling the younger ones about three years ago, and they have benefitted greatly under my tutelage.

We had three children of our own (Mike, Jr., Polly, and Melinda); then my sister'and her husband died in a plane crash, leaving their two children (Jimmy and Stevie) without parents; we could not say no, so we took them in, only to discover that they had adopted a third child, a little girl from Vietnam, prior to their deaths!  She had only been with the family for a few months!  So we went from three children to six seemingly overnight!

At first, it was nothing but pure chaos: the younger children picked fights with the older ones, and then we had Kimmy's language barriers to deal with: she could not speak but a few words in English.  We thought we were going to go clean out of our minds!  But eventually, the children learned to get along (and accept each other), and Kimmy eventually learned English; once she started it was as though she were a sponge: she learned quickly and proved to be quite a smart little girl.

Then we started adopting again; we added children from China, Guatemala, a pair of sisters from deep south Louisiana, Korea, and Bulgaria.  Our family swelled from just six kids to twenty; our newest additions come from China, Sierra Leone in Africa, Japan, and here in the United States of America, from foster care.  They are such blessings; we cannot imagine our lives without any of them; we love our children so much!

It seems like only yesterday when the kids were just babies; now they're in school, even the very youngest (Mai and Noelle, who are both in pre-k), and are proving to be diligent, intelligent students.  We are very proud of all that they have accomplished academically.  

Several of the girls have special needs: Britni is deaf and wears hearing aids and commuincates via ASL (American Sign Language), and Mai has mental disabilities (Down syndrome) and heart issues; as for Noelle, she has cerebral palsy and walks with the aid of crutches and braces on her legs.  They are my "can-do" children; nothing, not even falls, slows them down!  They are eager to try anything and everything that is sent their way; they are absolutely incredible!

We may eventually adopt again; we have enjoyed the adoption journey, and seeing friends like Louisiana Sandusky (who is also our neighbor) raising their large brood of children that they have adopted over the years has only fueled our drive to add to the family and adopt children somebody might have easily overlooked.  But even though they may come from distant (or not-so-distant) lands, they are our children first, and we love them as if they had been BORN to us!

We would like to adopt a little boy from here in the United States, perhaps another foster child.  So many children are in foster care and are in desperate need of a family or a home on a permanent basis; if this were the case, maybe a lot of them wouldn't be having so many problems.  We started doing foster care a few years back; this was how we ended up with some of the girls; we fell in love with them when they were with us and we knew that we needed to add them to our family, which is what we did.

We haven't regretted a moment of it.

Well, Dallas, Noelle, and Mai are all clamoring for my attention, so I'd best see what they need.  I will write in here again soon; until later, this is your friend, Jane Mulligan, signing off! Take care and may God bless you as much as He's blessed me and my family over the years!

~Jane.  :)

*To be continued!*

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