Thoughtful Prince P

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Short Story involving Prince P.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Thoughtful Prince P

An original short story that Josh Bywater typed.

Prince P always hated dark Macabre Mountain with its nasty, nice nastiness. It was a place where Prince P felt afraid. Prince P was a thoughtful and skinny wine drinker with beautiful legs and hairy arms. His friends described him as a late leaked lover, who once helped a wide gay person cross the road. That’s the sort of man he was.

The moon shone like raging bulls. As Prince P looked around his evil surroundings, he saw something or rather someone in the distance. The nutty smile he had planted on his face and the awful glint in his eye were ample enough to strike fear into the heart of Prince P. Finally, Prince P recognised who this person was. It was Poisoned Pear Prince, a vile brute and the evil clone of Prince P with adorable legs and more hairy arms.

“I hate you and I want revenge.” He said with the look of the wrath of 7529 hungry real rats.

Prince P gasped. He had not prepared for his evil clone, Poisoned Pear Prince! Still looking back in madness and still wearing his pear cloak, he addressed his evil clone enemy, Poisoned Pear Prince.

“Poisoned Pear Prince, I dislike you.” He replied.

Poisoned Pear Prince used Love Distract on Prince P to make him fall in love with him.

“Ha! You’re all mine now, gay prince!” He laughed as he carried out the Love Distract attack.

The attack failed, however as Prince P was not fooled.

“Love always wins!” He declared.

So, Poisoned Pear Prince gave up being evil and drank wine inside with Prince P. Poisoned Pear Prince even changed his views on gay people and he learned to like them, which pleased Prince P so much that he became friends with Poisoned Pear Prince, who became friends with Prince P and his dragon partner. Everyone was happy at last!


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