Sora's Fantasy pt. 2

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Sora is distracted in class, wondering what Alex wanted. What did Alex want?

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



The bell for the end of history rings and Sora meets up with Alex outside of class. "What was that text all about, Alex?" Sora asks. "I just really need to speak with you, trust me, it's important." Alex says. "A-Alright." Sora says, a little confused. Her next few classes she doesn't know anyone in, and are very boring. The bell rings and it's time for lunch. She sits next to Alex and is still thinking about what happened in history. "Is something wrong? D-did i do something wrong?"  Sora asks while looking down at the table. her cheeks turn a little pink. "No! that's not why i need to talk to you. I'm sorry if I made you feel that way." Alex says, putting a reassuring arm around Sora. Even though Alex told her otherwise, she still feels like she did something wrong. "I-I'm gonna go." Sora says quickly then stands up. "Wait! Where are you going?" Alex asks. "The... um.. bathroom." Sora says then runs off to a far corner or the school and puts her head in her knees, not noticing Alex following her. He carefully puts his hand on her head and asks, "Sora? what's wrong?" Sora looks up and her face turns pink. "w- what are you doing here? I said I was going to the bathroom!" Sora replies ignoring his questions, and she has tears in her eyes. "It's really obvious when you're lying, now tell me what's wrong!" Alex insists. "It really feels like I did something wrong. just tell me what I did!" Sora says, wiping her tears. Alex hugs her. "you didn't do anything wrong, the bell is about to ring so I can't tell you what it is yet. I will explain everything after school." Alex says then stops hugging her. "It isn't your fault." Alex adds. "I-" She gets cut off by the bell. she goes to class, feeling kind of guilty she wasted Alex's lunch.

All day, all she could think about was what Alex needed to tell her. She couldn't think strait or even focus on any of the teachers' lessons. All during seventh hour she was sweating and out of breath. She wasn't quite sure why, after all, she no longer thought it was something she did wrong. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she tried as hard as she could to concentrate but couldn't. The bell rings and her heart skips a beat. All of the kids run out of the room and she slowly gathers her stuff and walks out of the class. She can hardly breathe and she takes slow steps to her locker. She sees Alex getting his bag and running through the halls. She gets to her locker and takes out her phone. She writes, "I'm going to be home late tonight, I'm meeting Alex at the park." She then closes her phone and grabs her bag from her locker. She walks to the park and her hands are shaking from being nervous. She gets to the park and nobody is there yet. She sits on one of the playground steps and closes her eyes, listening to the sounds of the birds chirping. A cold breeze blows and she shivers. She opens her eyes. "I hope he gets here soon, it's getting cold." she says while wrapping her arms around herself. The chirping birds get louder and she lays down and closes her eyes.

A few minutes later Alex arrives at the park holding two slushies. He walks up and sees Sora asleep on the playground. His face turns red and he sets down the slushies. "S-Sora?" He says then taps Sora on the shoulder. Sora yawns and sits up. She sees Alex standing there and her face turns pink. "uh... oh, I'm sorry, did I fall asleep waiting for you?" Sora says, blushing. "Yeah, it's my fault, I came late because I wanted to bring you a slushie." He says and hands Sora a slushie."Oh! you didn't have to, I wanted to get us some ice cream to make up for wasting your lunch..." Sora says, while taking the slushie. "No, it's really okay, it was my decision to follow you." Alex responds. Sora finds him saying this comforting, since he seems laid-back. "u- um, What did you... wanna say?" Sora says, blushing while trying not to play with her bracelet since Alex knows she does that when she's nervous. "I wanted to ask if you're okay. I got really worried when I found out I haven't noticed your sadness. I know I'm the only person you feel you can really trust, I wanted to make sure you know I care.

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