the girl with the faucet mouth that leaked

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just read it, it's not even that long.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



In some other time this never would've happened. Thoughts would never 'leak'; but we live in an era of silent suffering. Our muscles strain from twisting the knob shut with so much effort and our hands are left blushed and battered. 

A girl, however, had a mouth that leaked. It leaked regrets and frustrations and desperate cries of help. It leaked voided questions and endless trains of thought. She wanted to make it stop, but as much as she tried, she knew not how. Every drop like a lonely word that splashed and echoed and deafened her from all other noise. 

A boy with a dry mind then came. He untwisted the knob and let the water run. She drenched him with things unsaid and feelings unspoken. She talked and poured until she was all dry and empty. And the boy was now drippig and he no longer felt the way he did before. And she felt relieved, for the things she contained inside her had cascaded away. 

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