Hear No Evil

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Don

Submitted: September 02, 2017

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Submitted: September 02, 2017




Abella led Don into a large room full of all of the cast members. Don blushed slightly at the stares she was getting for being late… Or because she wasn’t wearing heaps of makeup. Domteur patted the seat next to her, motioning for Don to come over. With a slap on the back from Abella, Don sat down next to Domteur, who stroked her white hair with her pale fingers. She smiled a devilish smile and Don just nodded sweetly.  

“Alrighty lads and lasses, tonight we’re having ham and biscuits!” Abella spoke, frailing her arms. A large silver platter appeared on the table and the crew cheered a silent cheer. Everyone’s mouth was watering, especially Don’s. She and the crew hadn’t had a nice meal like this in a very long time, and anyone would agree that it was well deserved. Abella tossed the lid off of the silver plate and out seeped a smell. A smell that was so tempting to just run up and devour the golden turkey. It smelled like Thanksgiving. The aroma filled the room and everyone’s noses as they all stared at the crispy, golden, moist turkey that lay around little decorative leaves and lemons in the center of the table. Everyone stood in awe, and the room was silent for a bit, until the awkward silence was soon replaced with everyone standing and grabbing the turkey, slapping it onto their plates and stuffing their faces. After pretty much the entire turkey was devoured and everyone was patting their tummies in satisfaction, Don awkwardly, amazed, grabbed a little piece of turkey and munched on it, in silence.


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