Hear No Evil

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Dakugure

Submitted: October 11, 2017

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Submitted: October 11, 2017




Sasha slipped a hand into Dakugure’s andshe leads her out of the dining room. They slipped out of the red and white curtains that separated it from the rest of the tent until they came upon two, very different large openings. One was rimmed with silky gold ribbon that coiled around the red and white striped fabric that created an entrance. You could also see inside this large opening, no one could miss it. Yellow lights than throughout this one, and there was a sign that said, ‘Welcome all Crew Members and Circus Performers!~’  While the other doorway was rimmed with silky black ribbon, and you could only see black from the entrance. Along with the appearance, the sign was also very welcoming, which read, ‘if you are not a ??i?then you may not enter.  Thank you.’ Which, you know, was just the highlight of everyone’s day.

“Hih hay.” (This way). Sarah slurred, pulling Dakugure towards the darker door.

Dakugure giggled in delight and Sarah followed. When they got in, it was actually bigger than it had looked, and four different curtains with little slits for an opening were all in a small circle, surrounding each other.

“Where are we?” Dakugure covered her mouth to keep her from giggling with giddiness. Sasha somehow whispered, “We’re in a place of pure Evil.” But when Dakugure slowly turned to Sasha, but her lips weren’t moving.

I’m talking inside of your mind, my name is Hanasu… Not Sahsa. Call me that again and I will skin you alive.” Sasha- er, I mean, Hanasu spoke.  Dakugure nodded frantically and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

Hanasu put a piece of curly, yellow hair between her lips and chewed on it, anxiously.


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